Ed’s Lobster Bar

This past weekend, after returning from a fun-filled little beach trip to Montauk, I did a quick turn-around and embarked on yet another “first” adventure for me:

My first time eating lobster. I know, right?? What took me so long?

And at the most darling little New England-esque lobster place ever: Ed’s Lobster Bar in SoHo. From the outside, it looks like an authentic, unassuming little wooden shack of a beach restaurant — which immediately told me it was going to be a great experience.


It. was. amazing. I’m officially a lobster-lover.

We sat at the white marble-topped bar and started with delicious Bloody Marys, and I went for the traditional steamed lobster while my dining partner ordered the grilled. I’ve had bites of lobster before here and there, but this was my first full-out, order my own lil guy all for myself lobster experience. And I’m sooooo glad it was here…because I can’t imagine it being any better. From the white-washed, Cape-Cod style decor to the cute little tin pail of fries to my amazing clawed friend, this place scored high for me in all regards.

Check out that crustacean on the right — he’s alllll mine. I had a ridiculous mess of a good time trying to crack him open, exclaiming that “He bit me!” when I got stuck by one of his sharp little corners. I had a bit of a grossed-out moment when the green stuff materialized on the inside, but for the most part, it was a super fun and delicious experience. If you’re in NYC and like lobster, seriously get yourself here.


Anyone remember the episode of Friends where Phoebe shares her knowledge of lobsters’ mating habits, claiming that they mate for life (and essentially “fall in love”) with their one partner? Of course I had to bring that up during this experience… only to Google it yesterday and affirm that Phoebe’s wisdom is totally bogus.

Go figure.

Question: Do you remember your first lobster-eating experience? Were you as excited and entertained as I was?


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