Beachy Summer

Every summer, I promise myself I will spend as much time at the beach — any beach — as my city life will permit. This summer, I’m feelin’ pretty good about my progress to date.

Thankfully, NYC has quite a few beachy towns just a short train ride away, and I most often find myself at Long Beach. This little Long Island beach town is only an hour from Penn Station, making for an easy day trip. I’ve been there three weekends already this summer, and definitely have more in the works!


Friends who know how to make fresh watermelon margaritas are always appreciated on beach vacas!

The only problem I have with going to the beach is leaving the beach. It’s no secret to anyone who knows me that I’m pretty convinced I was born on the wrong coast. As much as I love love love my crazy city, I think a San Diego smoothie stand surfer life would suit me to a T.


I also made it to Montauk for the very first time a few weekends ago, which was such a treat. I’ve wanted to check out that quaint little surfer town allllll the way at the furthest tip of the Hamptons since I saw Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and fell mesmerized by what it represented in the movie, the whole “Meet me in Montauk” thing. So sweet.

And the town really was adorable. We lucked into a beautiful house share with some fun new people and totally unleashed our inner beach bums. The town floods with city kids on the weekends and I found it a bit “sceney” at times, but it was absolutely darling and had a lot of charm.

Not to mention this lil gem of a beach bar:


The Sloppy Tuna, a Montauk icon with a fabulously fun name that encourages you to “get your sloppy on” (which we did NOT do).  I’d have loved to stay longer than just two short nights, and definitely hope to return.

So if you want to meet me in Montauk…I’m happy to oblige.



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