Bis.Co. Latte

I am a total coffee lover, and in Summer especially, because of the amazingness that is iced coffee. I seriously wake up excited for my run just because of the fact that I know an iced coffee is in my immediate post-run future.

Problems. It’s a wonder I’m not an over-caffeinated kook, seriously.

Although I admit that the 7 Eleven on my corner generally does the trick for a quick and easy before-work pop-in, I’m super glad to have this cute little place just a few blocks down the street from my apartment to frequent on the weekends as a special treat.


That would be Bis.Co. Latte, a fabulous, colorful little European-style biscotti and coffee shop with a quaint, indie vibe right in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen. It’s tiny, charming, and delicious, and an absolute neighborhood gem. I’m so glad I discovered this place not long after moving into my apartment.


You can browse their ecclectic bookshelf, but don’t bring a computer — it’s a techy-free zone!

They make all their own biscotti and have dozens and dozens of fun flavors to choose from, including gluten free, sugar free, and multigrain varieties. (Note: I asked the girl this weekend which were the “healthiest” flavors, and she said that would be the multigrain.)


Their biscotti is all on the thin, light side, which makes for a perfect little treat. I love the arrangement in the glass cookie jars as well; it provides a very homey, walking-into-someone’s-kitchen sort of feel. They did a wonderful job of creating a truly imtimate, inviting atmosphere; a little place where you feel tucked away from the bustling city life.

I’ve tried quite a few flavors and have enjoyed most of them. I really liked the Oatmeal Raisin flavor, and the Vanilla, and some sort of coffee or espresso and chocolate creation. I popped in this past weekend at the end of my 12-mile run (ouch, and HOT!), and I tried the Strawberry Peanut Multigrain. Yum.


They pretty much have every flavor you can dream up: fruity, nutty, chocolatey, cinnamony, traditional, unique — you name it, they sell it. There’s something for everyone…and chances are, you’ll want to go back again and again to try to find a new fave.


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