Fun Facts Friday

I’m a sucker for a good “fun fact” and can often be heard saying, “Oh, here’s a fun fact for you,” before dropping some usually random/nerdy/you may-or-may-not want to drop this at your next cocktail party sort of tidbit.

I’m also a big fan of Fridays, so I figured I’d institute a “Fun Facts Friday” (maybe five, even??) feature on here. You know, just because those two fab “F” things make a rockin’ duo…and because I have to sit at a computer screen on Fridays all day, just like the rest of the corporate world.


So, let’s get to the Fun Facts [Take 1]. Totally random list of stuff.

1.  There’s totally a “West vs. East side” thing going on in NYC. People get very attached to and defensive of the neighborhoods in which they live, and I’ve totally fallen victim to it. I’m absolutely a West Side girl. Anywhere north of Union Square on the East side, and I’m basically a fish out of water. Give me the West Village, Chelsea, Hell’s Kitchen, UWS, even Morningside near Columbia University, and I’m reoriented. Plus, I’d be pretty miserable without my morning runs along the Hudson through Riverside Park.frametastic

2.  We eat a LOT of Mexican food in NYC (or maybe that’s just me and my friends). Not sure if it’s just a collective favorite, or always accessible, or perfect summer food, but it’s there. All the time. I’m very much a salad girl so basically always ordering some sort of Mexican salad with grilled chicken, or else fish tacos. I’m not really into margaritas but there’s this fabulous little place on the UWS called Cascabel Taqueria that has the best margs ever. Like ever ever. I’ve tried the Cucumber Cilantro and Watermelon Basil and both are ridic. They also serve them in Mason jars, which obviously makes them taste 4323 times better.


3.  No one in NYC is who you think they are at first glance. The trader in your office who keeps to himself? He’s a hip hop artist by night. Your favorite local bartender? He writes novels and climbs the world’s biggest mountains. Your personal trainer? She’s also a pilot, an opera singer and an Olympic figure skater. We all have big dreams; we just don’t always wear them on our sleeves. It’s always worth digging deeper to get to know someone here; you just might be surprised at what you discover.


4.  I go to the coolest church. It started in Australia and has become a world-wide movement. It’s hip, it’s fun, it’s welcoming, it’s casual, it’s relevant, it’s raw, it’s real, it’s full of life and love and thousands of people who want to be there. It’s a true haven right in the middle of one of the busiest neighborhoods of NYC. It’s 100% worth checking out. Oh yeah – and it has the best music ever. Like, ever.


5.  Buying rings on the street in SoHo is always a good idea. And when they symbolize something significant for you, it’s a double win.


Happy Friday, loves! Have a wonderful weekend.


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