My Lakehouse Haven

As much as I love my city life, sometimes a girl just has to get out and get back to basics. For me, that means traveling upstate to my parents’ house, which just happens to be situated on a beautiful, small, private lake. It’s basically a little piece of Heaven.

lake_boatThis is where I’m currently sitting, nestled on a lounge chair on their deck with this amazing view. Sometimes homesickness hits with all the sudden shock of Cupid’s arrow, and all I can think about is returning to this spot.

It doesn’t hurt that I have not only the world’s most incredible parents and brother to come home to, but also these three ridiculously loveable creatures:

Meet Moka, Kayla and Quinn, three of the loves of my life and the sweetest dogs imaginable. I love coming home to these eager faces and wagging tails!

I started off my morning with a 12-mile hilly run, and thankfully it was an absolutely gorgeous day, humidity-free and brilliant. I then proceeded to spend the rest of the day on the boat…so it was a pretty perfect Saturday.

meYellow seems to be a new recurring theme this past year, which is rather funny, since I spent a good portion of my life believing it was the one color I couldn’t wear. Go figure.

Oh, and those new kicks? Amazing. Love everything about them – the color, the fact that they’re extremely lightweight and offer the perfect amount of support and cushioning, the flexibility – they’re pretty darn perfect.

I’m a big believer in compression socks as of this past year as well. I’ve had a bunch of issues with calf soreness or pulled calf muscles, and they’ve really helped me. I like to wear my CEP socks on my longer runs (I have ProCompression as well, which aren’t bad but prefer the CEPs, as they’re tighter), and I sleep in the sleeves. I know there’s a lot of back-and-forth and personal opinions as to whether they’re actually effective or not, but they work for me.

As if the lake house couldn’t get any more perfect, my parents recently added all new patio furniture to our deck, so I got in a bit of lounging/reading/napping before we dined al fresca and enjoyed the beautiful evening.

deckHow inviting does that look? I’m seriously tempted to just stay there – in one of those lounge chairs – for the rest of the summer. Work suddenly seems wayyyyy overrated.


There’s nothing like coming home to this incredible place to make me feel so utterly blessed with my wonderful family and such a sanctuary of a home. Summer (and life!) fly by so quickly, and it’s days and moments like these that really make me take a step back and realize how important it is to appreciate the simple wonders of life.

Hope you all had a lovely Saturday!


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