What I Love Wednesday

1.  My new blog header!! How amazing is it?? Thanks to an incredibly talented graphic artist friend, my new header encompasses everything I’d hoped and more. He really outdid himself, in my opinion, and I’m pretty darn giddy about it. The best part: those are my actual sneakers hangin’ on that line! 🙂 It’s a huge blessing to have great friends with amazing talents.

2.  The weather in NY this week. August descended beautifully and pushed all of July’s humidity behind her, throwing us gorgeous, clear blue skies without tinges of the hazy hot screens and crystal mornings that send runners bolting out of bed. My runs lately have been amazingly enjoyable, and I can only pray this weather stays.


Hudson River on a morning in early August

3.  A good Sauvignon Blanc. A fave wine of mine for the past few years, it’s the perfect Summer drink: light, crispy, citrusy. Two delicious affordable options I especially like lately, both from New Zealand (probably a sign I should up and go there immediately): Starborough and Oyster Bay. Fab.


4.  Strength training and calisthenics. As much as I love running, I need a good two days a week of intervals and circuit workouts in the gym. I spent years as primarily just a runner, but now that I’ve committed to at least 2 days a week of kettlebells/cardio circuits/free weights/gym time for the past year, I’ve seen my body change so much and feel infinitely stronger, leaner and better about myself. It’s also helped my running leaps and bounds.


My workout this am included quite a few of these squat/wall throw babies, which I’m really loving lately (and thankfully, my gym has various Xs to aim for as well):


5.  Fun workout clothes. I definitely buy workout and running clothes way more often than I do regularly clothes. I mean, how cute is this?? If you don’t already love kettlebells, this should certainly help to sway you.


6.  City sunsets from rooftops. There’s something so uniquely magical in seeing a brilliant sunset from a rooftop in NYC, with buildings softening in the dimmer light as you stand suspended between earth and sky and feel yourself separated from the pulse of the city while still a part of it, granted that rare aerial view that suddenly changes everything about the crazy place in which you live. And it certainly helps when your friends have amazing rooftops from which to view such beautiful scenes.


Question: What do you love best about your city?


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