Thankful Thursday

Ah, Thursday. Always glad to see you. One day closer to Friday, and generally just a good day to be alive. I had a quick 6-miler along the Hudson this morning, a little humid and a lot gloomy and overcast, but I felt a peaceful sense of contentment and gratitude as I ran along. It was the brink of a brand new day, yet unscathed and full of promise, and I felt the awareness of how good it was to be wide awake at 6 am and thankful to be me, here and now.


Not a bad life motto. I think I’ll adopt this. I can always use a little more “wonderful” in my world…can’t we all?

It’s paramount to have people in our lives who encourage us and challenge us to grow into the best versions of ourselves. I’ve been really blessed with the most amazing encourager for a mom, so I grew up in the midst of joy and positivity and still receive constant encouragement from her every day of my life. Lately, I realize just how vital this is, and how it changes everything.


I’ve really been trying to focus on becoming the healthiest me possible lately, in all aspects: physically (marathon training certainly is doing wonders for this), mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. More of the good, less of the not-so-good.


Words to take to heart.

So today, I’m feeling pretty darn thankful for the way this first week of August 2013 has gone, despite the pouring rain outside today. I’m thankful for this sort of renewed perspective and sense of overall balance I’m experiencing lately, and I hope I can put in the diligence to make it hang around. Like, for always.

And wouldn’t you know, my devo today just happened to speak about thankfulness – and I read it after I started this post. Pretty cool when that happens, that little extra ooomph of affirmation to give faith wings.


(I’m also thankful that nobody said anything when my skirt might have been a bit above the line of appropriate length for work today. Whoops.)

Oh, and here’s something adorable from this week, just because it made me smile and scurry for my phone: the way Gina’s on the UWS serves their (perfectly toasted) pre-meal bread, in a rustic little paper sack. I love unique little details like this. Totally snap-worthy.


What are you thankful for today??


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