Hey, it’s okay…[v.1]

…to be a hopeless romantic at heart. magic & make-believe & romance & fairytales all have their places right in the middle of ordinary life. you just have to give yourself permission to see them.


…to have your own rules, and stick to them
. you like what you like. that’s what makes you you. (“yes, i have to eat a salad every day of my life.” “no, i won’t ever have short hair.” “i refuse to go to that club.”) define yourself. if you don’t, everyone else will try to do it for you. might as well live on purpose.


…to have a friend to whom you tell absolutely everything
. secrets can still be secret if you still keep them from the rest of the world. there’s nothing like having the complete security in that kind of openness, where you can be entirely known and understood — and completely unjudged and loved. i honestly don’t know what i’d do without mine.


…to follow a fad, if you really dig it.
sure, we all want to be original…but if you like something, well, who cares if everyone else does? you’re still you.

alex and ani
to have an unrealistic crush. life needs to be sillyfun every now and then (with an emphasis on the “now”).


…to know that you’ll never have all the answers, or be good at everything
. sometimes, it doesn’t hurt to let someone else take the reins.




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