What I Love Wednesday

1.  My co-workers. Besides meeting one of my bffs here at my wonderful workplace, I’ve been blessed to work with an amaaaazing crew of people. One of them finds a different way to remind me that it’s “hump day” every Wednesday, so today I came into the office to find these guys hangin’ around in my inbox:


2.  Marathon training. There was a time (errrr, otherwise known as most of my life) when I would have laughed and immediately needed a frozen yogurt to assuage the onset of a panic attack if anyone told me I had to run a marathon — and now here I am, willingly signing myself up for 26.2 miles of pavement-pounding (in my fun new sneakers, so that always helps), and actually finding myself enjoying the training. No, I’m not a masochist (I don’t think?). I’m simply discovering that we never stop evolving and changing into the best versions of ourselves as life goes on, and God knows what surprises we might uncover that lay latent beneath our own not-so-thin skin. I’m learning so much about my own ability — mentally, physically, and spiritually — to push myself to new limits and rearrange my priorities, just from training for a race. It’s amazing. Regardless of how I’m feeling, I want to run. It’s changing me.

And I’m lovin’ these changes.


3.  Youthfulness. Because make-believe and fairytales have no age limits.





4. Girlfriend dates & finding a movie in the theater I reallllly want to see. I enjoy movies but don’t go super often, and there are definitely types of movies I gravitate towards. My friend found The Spectacular Now, a seemingly-adorable in a perfectly indie (read: right up my alley) sort of way, which seems an easy comparison to The Perks of Being a Wallflower and therefore we know we’ll love it. Annnd it’s by the writers of 500 Days of Summer, which is probably one of my favorite movies everrrr. Super excited for tonight’s date.

specnowThere’s something about the awkward tenderness of high school or young adult almost-love that just gets me every time…even if I’m not in love or in high school. Or even that young anymore. Still, I can’t get enough.

5.  Employees Only. Welp, not quite sure how I’ve managed to live in NYC for almost 3 years (time fliiiies!) without going here before this summer, but I somehow pulled that unfortunate event off. Luckily for friends with good taste, I can add it to my go-to list of speakeasy-style faves. Dark, intimate, jazzy and boasting a sweet drink menu (my drink below is the West Side cocktail), this West Village joint has super-skilled bartenders (who have undergone years of training to work here and who tattoo the logo onto their arms) and a cool, easy vibe. Perfect for a date, or drinks with friends. Either way, I dig.



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