My Longest Run to Date and This is my Happy Place

Happy Sunday, loves. It’s a beautiful morning at the lake, and I’m happy to wake up and feel such a complete sense of contentment and peace with the life I’ve been given. More and more lately, I’ve felt challenged and encouraged to pursue that which draws me closer in my walk with God and revel in all the blessings He continues to throw my way. Sunday mornings offer a time of quiet reflection for the promises I know to be true. seekgod I came up to the lake on Friday evening and immediately felt myself relax: this is home. This is my happy place. This view was waiting for me, reminding me just how much the outdoors calls to me. I need this in my life. frametastic In running news: I’ve certainly felt an almost surreal sense of joy and gratitude in my marathon training this week. I had two amazing shorter runs in the city in which I pushed my pace on the flat riverside park, and I definitely think they helped prepare me for my longest run of my life to date, which happened yesterday. Annd it was a big success, thankfully, despite the relentless hills. I felt happy and strong and ready to tackle the heat and winding roads for a couple of hours on a sunny morning, when all just felt right with the world. frametastic It was a bit crazy, because I was running 17 miles on the 17th of August — and 17 is my favorite number. Pretty cool — or else I’m just a big dork and things like that make me happy. Regardless, it was a great run, despite the fact that the last four miles were entirely uphill and I wasn’t overly thrilled with them at that point. I happen to have the world’s nicest dad (who has also been a lifelong runner), who came and met me at the end with water and a clean shirt and drove me back to the lake. I have to say, I really didn’t feel like I ran that far of a distance, and I felt pretty great at the end. Even today, the following morning, I’m not even sore and am loving the fact that my body is able to push itself further and further each week. It’s hitting me just how much of running is a mental battle, convincing your tired legs that they can, and will, take you that one more mile, or over that next daunting hill. You can achieve so much more than you think, and once you believe that, everything changes and it’s a whole new game. believe And it starts to get fun. Now that I’m at the point where I’m running at least a half marathon distance every weekend, everything about running distance has taken on a new perspective for me, and I’m beyond grateful. Here’s to hoping & praying I stay this mentally prepared and physically strong (& injury free!) throughout the rest of my training. As a blissful reward for my long run, yesterday was an absolutely amazing day from start to finish: all afternoon on the boat with some of my favorite people (and favorite pups), on an absolutely gorgeous day. It couldn’t have been better. photo frametastic(1) The lake fun was followed by a trip to check out the new Bomber’s in Troy, which was pretty sweet. This trendy Mexican burrito bar has become an icon in Upstate NY, with the original located in Albany. It seems to me to be very reminiscent of Tortilla Flats in the West Village (just not quite as divey), and it’s just a really fun, casual place to go with a group. I was a big fan of the Troy space, especially because of their nice patio area. We then made a quick stop at Brown’s Brewery, a great microbrew in Troy, before calling it a night. If you’re a beer drinker (which I can’t say that I am), this is the place to check out in the Capital District area. frametastic After an amaaaazing Saturday, this Sunday is all about relaxing — hard. Hope you’re having a great weekend somewhere — and with someone(s) — who makes you happy, wherever you are. xoxo Question: Where’s your happy place?


2 thoughts on “My Longest Run to Date and This is my Happy Place

  1. I really like your blog. I’m preparing for my first half marathon, but this summer has been really hard for me. I’m in Texas and the heat and humidity is killing me! And I loathe the treadmill! I’m a bit jealous of your 60* mornings.:) We do have some great trails here. I even managed to find a waterfall in Fort Worth. Well, it’s no Niagra Falls, but pretty anyways. 🙂 Good luck as you continue training.

    • Thanks for the blog love! I hear you — running in humidity can be tough to push through, and I can imagine it’s the worst in Texas. The waterfall trail sounds lovely! Good luck with your training!

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