All Over the Place

Ever have those weeks where you feel like you can’t catch your breath, and you’re always just a little behind where you’d like to be…and then you come up for air, and suddenly it’s Thursday?

So, welcome to where I’m at.

Let’s start with how the running is going lately, as it’s the one thing that doesn’t seem to be overwhelming me, thankfully!

At one point in my marathon training — probably before I ran anything over 15 miles — I’m pretty sure I thought I’d want to run at least 22 miles before the Big Day. Now that I have a successful 20-miler behind me and seem to be unable to shake the issue with my calf, I’m thinking maybe 20 is enough for my longest training run. I’m hoping I can mentally prepare myself to get ready for those last six miles (even if they kinda scare me).


Knowing that I’d conquered 20 certainly made 15 feel pretty darn good this past Saturday, and it helped that it was an absolutely perfect early Autumn morning to be out for a run. Like, couldn’t have been better.


And that was just the start to a fantastic, fun-filled Saturday, which then rolled right into a fabulous Sunday as well.

 Highlights of my weekend included:

* getting upgraded from a regular economy rental car to a sweet ride for my day trip out of the city

* a perfect natural chaise on a lovely river walk (which I unfortunately couldn’t transport back to the city and into my apartment)


* a river walk, a delicious brunch and sparkling rosé

* two great church services at two polar opposite churches: Hillsong NYC on Sunday morning, and Dwell in the Bowery area on Sunday night


* crushing on beanies — i might not be ready for Winter, but the snowboarding hippie in me totally loves this trend and  i’m definitely on the market for some new ones this year. Urban Outfitters has a few i’m currently eyeing:



This week has definitely been a crazy, non-stop week for me, and I admit I’ve felt more stressed than I have in a while. I’ve been too sore to do much running also, so hopefully I’ll get a few miles in tomorrow morning before my Newport Half Marathon this Sunday in New Jersey. I’m actually really looking forward to this, and it’s interesting — this is the first half I’ve run where I wasn’t training for a half, but for a full, and so this has kind of snuck up on me and doesn’t feel like such a daunting giant after all.

Hopefully I’ll settle into my sneaks and cruise right along and enjoy this whole “falling in love with distance running” thing I kinda think I might have going on.


And by kinda, I guess I mean totally.



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