What I Love Wednesday (9/25/13)

Ahhhh so the main thing I’m lovin’ right now is having two free seconds to write a blog post! Holy goodness am I slammed lately…work, school, running, LIFE. I’m just trying to focus on all the good things and take it day by day…


and breathe.

1.  So, as much as my legs are killing me all.the.time lately, I am trying to focus on the positives as I push through the pain. Today, I was loving the lovely Autumn morning and the seashell sky rising before me:


This certainly encouraged me to keep running (and also to take the day off of work and spend it outside…but that part unfortunately didn’t happen). One out of two ain’t bad.

2. Sometimes, it just takes a “Hey — saw this and instantly thought of you” from someone you love to make your day.


My cousin/one of my BFFs and fave people sent me this last week, and it still makes me happy everytime I look at my phone — because I obviously had to set it as my background.

I have always been, and always will be, a unicorn girl. Fave animal. The fluffier the better. When I first saw Despicable Me, I found an instant kindred spirit in Agnes. I totally get her.

3. I so dig a good farmer’s market. I wandered around Union Square’s market on Saturday morning after my short pre-race warm-up run, and I realized that I like it that much more in the fall. The flowers, the pumpkins, the bright hues everywhere…definitely best time of year to hit this hotspot.


4.  F. Scott Fitzgerald’s writing never ceases to amaze me…and you can always find something to suit your mood, or the seasons, or any flight of fancy that might arise.


I watched the new film version of The Great Gatsby again this past week, and one thing I love so much about that movie is the way they interweave lines from the novel throughout the film with such an ease, such an effortless elegance that you fall in love with the writer as you’re simultaneously falling in love with the world he’s created…and you want to fall in love, boundlessly, recklessly, over and over again.


He writes like a magician does magic, pulling words like blossoming flowers out of thin air and exploding them in brilliant colors before our unbelieving eyes. It’s pure poetry, his prose — and it hits me at the core, rendering me speechless and forcing me to turn internally and do some sort of girlish soul-searching, the way good literature should.


I adored the new movie on opening night, and I adored it again this week. I thought it upheld the beauty of the novel extremely well, as well as a movie can.

And I definitely have to get this:

5. Today, I realized just how small this great big world can be, and in an incredible way. One of my sweet girlfriends from home, whom I’ve known for years, texted me to tell me she met one of my darling girlfriends from here in NYC, whom I met and instantly bonded with just over a year ago — they both moved to California and are living down the street from each other!! How do things like this even happen?? I was entirely blown away and reminded of how blessed I am to have the sweetest friends in the world, and so thrilled that these two met one another…and that I now have two wonderful people to visit in one (hopefully soon!) trip. 🙂

Hope you’re having a lovely week, friends. ❤



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