Fun Facts Friday (10/4)

1. Not being able to run is pretty much the worst thing ever for me. It feels like some cruel and unnatural punishment to have my favorite “me time” activity become something so painful and basically impossible. I’m not happy about this development at all and am hoping Monday’s upcoming physical therapy appointment will shed some light on this mess that is the lower part of my right leg. What that really means is that I just want them to wave a wand and magically cure me so I can run again.

Prayers appreciated.

At least this made me smile and weirdly enough actually looks like my legs, and I totally get most of these points:

2. I love the array of characters and “unique” people you see all over this city on a daily basis. These two were the most picture-worthy I saw this week:

Cinderella, texting and waiting for the train

Cinderella, texting and waiting for the train

The Monk of Zuccotti Park, keeping Wall St. calm

The Monk of Zuccotti Park, keeping Wall St. calm

I love it. I need to make a point to take more pictures of all the craziness that’s so normal here.

3. Wine bars with graffiti on the walls = big epic trendy urban win. Loved everything about the tiny little place that is Sel et Gras in the West Village. Must return soon.



4. I’m going apple picking tomorrow, which I’m really looking forward to! Hoping to try to use my sweet camera that my parents gave me and has been unfortunately collecting dust. This blog obviously needs some apple pictures and I am excited to get out and actually do all the fall activities I want to do this year. Bring on the orchards.

5. I’m trying to come to terms with the fact that I probably won’t be able to run the marathon next weekend, as it’s a week away and I can’t run without phenomenal pain. It’s definitely a discouraging mental struggle but I know there will be other races and I’m hoping I don’t a) hurt myself by trying to do more than I should or b) have a breakdown and get so upset about not being able to run.

I know that one race isn’t worth killing myself over…but I can’t lie. It’s been a rough patch for me this week and all I want to do is get back to what I love.

I know that my health is paramount and it’s been an interesting journey to work through exactly what running means to me and the level I prioritize it in my life, and I realize it’s so integral to my identity and how I think of myself, and I have to work through that and not freak out and feel like it’s all I have — because it isn’t.

But man — I love it so.



3 thoughts on “Fun Facts Friday (10/4)

  1. I hope your leg feels better quickly. I started running last Sept and twice had to take 3 weeks off due to tremendous pain. Have fun apple picking. If you are headed out to Long Island I suggest Lewin Apple Orchard in Calverton. I’m sure you have a place already. If looking for one though, I have a write-up on Enjoy the weekend!

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