Running in the prettydark and buying snowboard clothes.

This morning, something happened that I’ve sorta been dreading for a couple of weeks now. Granted, it wasn’t as bad as I’d anticipated, but it was a semi-unpleasant foreshadowing of what’s yet to come in the not-so-distant future:

I ran (alone) before the sun came up.


(I swear the sky looks lighter in the pictures than it really was.)

Granted, pre-dawn was lovely, and at least it wasn’t too chilly yet, but still…I wasn’t initially stoked about running in the prettydark, or at least running alone in the prettydark.


Although the city is certainly charming at this time of morning…

This means it’s almost not AutumnSummer anymore. And that’s not super fun. In NYC, we’re used to people being everywhere, and this is one time I’d rather have people around…you know, just to minimize the whole getting stolen probability. Or meeting crazy people brandishing scissors. Those sort of things don’t excite me much.

I took my regular route along the west side path, which is usually dotted with a good number of early-morning runners and bikers like myself…but today, I maybe passed 10 people (being generous) on my 2.5 miles uptown before turning around. Thankfully nobody stole me (phew), but still, it’s more comforting to have more people around at that hour, not to mention a bit of an annoying reminder that I’ll soon be experiencing cold, dark mornings rather than the lovely ones I’ve had these past 6 months or so. Bum.mer.

Nothing like starting Tuesday off with a little running rant, no? But at least I got my 5-miler in, despite some sore legs and nagging hip pain, with a similar pace to my Saturday run.


Post-run thought to self: Must start doing yoga.


And not just because I love the cool pictures of yoga girls — because these hips and hamstrings are screaming to be stretched.

Okay, okay…and maybe because I feel like yoga is this super exclusive elite club with its own vernacular that totally baffles us outsiders. I’ve always been into languages and could use some vocabular spicing.


Pretty sure I can rock child’s pose, cobra, and that mountain stance. Done.

So, remember those Burton first layer leggings I couldn’t get out of my mind? Not only did they come home with me, but this happened as well:


A girl can never have too much Aztec-patterned first layer snowboard gear, especially in New York City. I’m sure I’ll have lots of opportunities to wear these…like lounging in my apartment or for future Monday night Bachelorette viewings. No but seriously, I can’t wait.

And of course this rekindled my fire to work in snowboard retail and retreat to mountain bum life. Nothing like a good trip to SoHo’s Burton store to bring a girl back to her roots. Unfortunately, Burton isn’t hiring any sales people in NYC (weiiiird), which is a bummer, because I feel like it’s a huge market for outdoor Winter sporting gear, no?

A girl can dream. And maybe one day, I’ll work where I get powder days off. 🙂

Question: Snowboard or ski? Or just a fan of the cool gear? Hey, ‘cuz that’s totally okay.


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