WILW (10/23): The Fashion Files

Let’s talk some fashion fun this Wednesday, shall we? Mmmmmkay.

1. I know I’ve previously alluded to the Alex and Ani  bangle craze that’s swept the Northeast, and it’s still going strong. Last time I was home, my mom gave me this little guy as a “Congratulations on running your first marathon” gift. She’s the sweetest.


I’m really loving these bangles and have my eye on a few others:

because I can’t get enough of pretty feathers,


because this lil Hermes fleet foot is perfect for runners,

because the name of my game is “all things nautical.” And life is just better on boats/at lakes/by the ocean/in the water.



2. Have you heard of Everlane? If you haven’t, well, you should! This sweet site has a customer-focused mission to eliminate the “middle man” of markup in the production and sale of clothing — so basically, you’re getting close-to wholesale costs. Pretty sweet deal — especially considering their products seem really great. I have the Weekender bag in Olive (and also bought the gray one for my brother), and we both totally dig it:

weekenderI really like their Ryan tees too — I’m all about supersoft comfort over here. I used to love to dress up when I first moved to NYC; now, I try to spend as much time in gym clothes and sweat pants as possible. In or out of the apt.

3. Vests. This year, I think I’m on the market for a fun wintry vest. Every time I think of these items, however, I’m thrown back to my 15-year-old self sporting a huge, ridiculous, puffy J. Crew reversible number (black and metallic silver… yeah that’s right) and thinking I was the coolest thing ever. Thank God my fashion style has evolved. And thank God J. Crew has, as well.

I’m feeling these two Burton numbers:

Burton’s jade Starr Vest


and their ultramarine Battery Vest

I think I have to get my hands on one of these pretty soon…it’s getting chillier by the day here in NYC.

4. Bondi Bands. I fell into the indecision trap (story of my life) at the Mohawk Hudson marathon expo when faced with the insanity that was the Bondi Band tables: massive piles of these fun-patterned (or sweat-wicking in non-fun patterned solids) headbands that all us runners dove into. I snagged 3, as they were 3 for $20 (normally $8 a band), including these two (minus the creepy silver heads):


the Ahoy fashion band, which is super cute for both running and days when you don’t want to do your hair (so every moment i’m not at work, basically)

the Wicking bnd in royal blue

the wicking band in royal blue

I wore the sweat-wicking band during my marathon and I reallllly liked it. They’re super lightweight and totally absorb sweat. Big fan of these babies. Give me a fun headband or trucker hat, and I’ll give you another great reason to put off washing my hair. Sold.

5. Knee-length running socks. Love these guys! I have one similar pair of Under Armour socks that I love to wear running outdoors in the cold weather, and I’m definitely looking to add to my collection this year. Cute, warm, comfortable, and I swear they put some pep in my chilly-run steps.

And we’re over the hump! Let the fun begin. 🙂

Favorite clothing items for the cold weather?

Favorite online shopping sites? Please share ’em!


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