Fun Facts Friday (10/25)

1. Fashion. This morning — this clear, chilly, beautiful late-fall morning — I saw my breath walking to the subway. Welp, apparently the cold weather decided to kick in at a good time, as I’m totally on a Winter wardrobe kick this week. (Those Burton first layers really set me on a roll.)

Yesterday I walked into TJ Maxx (my wallet and I are big fans of that store) and immediately smacked into this little blue number, which was clearly positioned right near the door awaiting for me to adopt it and give it a nice home:

Calvin Klein poly vest with an expansion hood. I barely had to try it on for .4 seconds before I knew I wouldn’t be taking it off very often the next few months. Want a vest, see a vest, buy a vest — boom. And I’m about .000002% excited for cold weather now that I have this guy to go with my (same colored) Urban beanie, which I busted out today for the first time on my early-morning walk to the gym…which means it’s officially not warm in NYC.

Fun little game for you: Anyone want to guess how many days of unwashed/surviving-on -the-wonder-that-is-dry-shampooed hair this is? I hope bet you’d never get it right…

Paradox of the day: I really, really like cold-weather clothes. Just not the cold weather so much.

2. Humor. Today, I’m wearing a zebra-print shirt at work (okay so that doesn’t sound super work appropriate but I swear, Michael Kors can make even zebra appear business-cas), and one of the Latam guys came up to me and said (with his accent in full effect), “Tiger.” Dead serious. So after we all laughed in disbelief, I said, “I’ll give you one more chance to try again…”

This may-or-may-not have been in direct correlation to the massive wine bottle (you know those huge babies that I assumed restaurants kept hanging around solely for display? the ones the size of small children?) he and his team consumed at dinner last night, and which is now a desk icon. Just a possibility.

In other news, I’m thinking of going to teach kindergarten in South America, just to make sure basics like animals and colors are covered. Or maybe of getting some sweet zebra running pants? One or the other.


3. Food. It’s a fact: I’m a notoriously healthy eater. I’m more than sure I can be annoying about it, which is something I have to pay attention to, as friends/boys/dads/brothers don’t really love that attribute. But even in my efforts to eat completely clean, I don’t always feel like I stick to my goals. And when I don’t feel great about myself, I know it’s time to make some changes. This week, I decided to eat only/mainly eat fruits and veggies and a little bit of nuts, with the exception of my daily Quest bar after my morning strength/circuit workouts (need those 20 grams of protein!). I feel great and plan to continue eating as completely clean as possible.






4. Workouts. Here’s my weekly recap, which includes lots of circuit and strength training this week! Feeling that really great sort of sore and definitely happy about how this week’s workouts went:

Monday: Light cardio, followed by an hour-long circuit/boot camp/kettlebell/TRX class with my trainer and 2 other ladies at Mid City Gym.
Tuesday: 5-mile run along the Hudson River path.
Wednesday: Light cardio, followed by an hour-long solo strength training session with my trainer.
Thursday: Hour-long circuit/boot camp/kettlebell session with one other girl (and trainer). This was a really good one.
Friday: rest day (much needed!)

Saturday (tomorrow): Plan is for a 10-mile run along the Hudson. Hoping it’s another clear, beautiful morning.
5. Inspiration. Because you can never have enough reminders of how beautiful life is…and how resilient you are.

Happy Friday, loves!


7 thoughts on “Fun Facts Friday (10/25)

  1. i’ll be busting out my new cold gear this sunday when i can finally hit the trails again! this time just hiking, no running (sniff) because of my knee but i got this shirt from Columbia that has a fabric called OmniHeat which basically uses your own body temperature to keep you warm. the inside of the shirt is silver…kinda reminds me of those silver blankets you see people wrapped up in when they’re trying to bring up their core body temperature.

    and i’m with you on discount workout gear; why pay full price when you can get it for cheaper?

  2. I love those mason jars! Basically anything and everything looks great in a mason jar. That vest is a great find in T.J. Maxx. That place is definitely dangerous for my wallet and I, although a few weeks ago I found the most beautiful purse there and it was stolen out of my cart (blessing in disguise?)!

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