I took a study break long enough to shoot an oyster.

So sad when weekends are over, even if I did spend most of it settled in bed or on the couch in comfy clothes, deeply engrossed in a relationship with my Macbook and Power Point. I didn’t even see sunlight yesterday until almost 5pm. That’s just wrong, especially on such a beautiful day.


But the literature/writing major/ nerd in me has to admit — it feels pretty darn good to do research again and be challenged intellectually (especially now that I’m on the flip side of it). I do miss that when I don’t have it, that feeling of working hard at something educational and challenging myself. That’s not to say that I relish an entire weekend of it, but hey. It gots to get done.

A Sunday full of school work certainly made this Monday morning’s workout alarm sound like a siren’s song. Boy, was I ready to sweat this morning. Nothing like six hours on a couch to make a girl want to move. Some TRX, abs, weights and plyo circuit training did a pretty good job of quelling that.


I did have a nice 9.5 mile run on Saturday am, albeit a bit cold and much windier (running southbound) than I’d have preferred. It was the first time I put my new Nike running pants to the test, however, and I was pleased as punch (where did that expression originate??): they’re my fast new faves. Like, flawless.


I find it challenging to find a pair of pants I love the very first time I run in them, and these are probably the first I’ve ever had about which I loved every single thing immediately and have zero complaints. The material, the overall fit, the comfort —  these are the best of the best. I want to wear them every day. But that’d be unclean so I’ll refrain.

Speaking of quite possibly a little bit unclean (but sort of clean) — I am so, so happy with this dry shampoo that I feel I’d be doing you all an injustice by keeping it to myself. This picture was taken on Friday — and the last day I’d washed my hair was the previous Saturday. (Don’t get grossed out — I swear, I was monitoring it every day and it was happy!) Six full days of using just this shampoo, and my hair was still holding up amazingly. I now swear by this stuff and would happily pose as a poster girl for them if they should call.

I managed to have some fun this weekend at night to offset my long hours of daytime studying (even if my Friday night did start with reading articles in a wine bar).

Friday night: Spring Natural Kitchen on the Upper West Side. Elemental, healthy, spacious, warm — always a great choice.


Saturday night: Catch in Meatpacking. Excellent spot for…

surprise champagne delivered to your table, fun menu art, & hip decor…


for amaaazing crab legs, first-time oyster shots, and for shark sightings in the bathroom. (That last one, I’ll leave you to discover on your own.)


It’s a current NYC hotspot. It’s trendy, lively, can-get-as-dressy-as-you’d-like-but-not-too-pretentious. Great cocktails, great food, great service. Absolutely recommend Catch, especially if you’re into novelty cocktails and seafood. I happen to enjoy both, so this was a big win for me all-around. I’ve never been much of an oyster girl, but I had zero problems shooting one of those babies. Nothing at all wrong about any of the food we had.

That’s a wrap on my weekend…off to bury myself under some more books.
Questions, friends!
Weekend highlights?
Favorite seafood? 


7 thoughts on “I took a study break long enough to shoot an oyster.

  1. I have never really heard of people raving about that dry shampoo – people are usually talking about batiste. Which do you prefer out of the two (if you have tried batiste)? And I enjoyed your post. Seems like you had a productive weekend 🙂

  2. Oysters are by far one of my favorite foods of all time…I even crave them sometimes! Where can I find that dry shampoo in NY? I’ve been on the hunt for a great one…

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