What I Love Wednesday (10/30)

1. Something I love from today: A not-yet-too-chilly river run early in the morning before the sun came up…and realizing I don’t mind running in the dark as much as I’d anticipated. No kidnapping, no scary guys, no bears. Just me, a few other brave dark runners, and the gift of being able to watch a dark sky transform into a new day in the time it took me you to run off my sleepiness and begin anew with the dawn.


We often forget that just awaking to another morning is a gift. And being able to run, or walk, or bike, or do yoga, or use our healthy bodies in ways to make us healthier…well, those are blessings indeed.


2. Something that absolutely amazes me and of which I’m totally envious:


Love the quote for sure, but toooootally envious of the craziness that this yoga chick can do. It’s amazing how so many of us stick with what we initially love and are good at (running, strength training), and don’t even try things that make us a bit nervous because we’re afraid we’ll totally suck (ah-hem, yoga). But at one point, we weren’t amazing at running or strength training either — we began at the bottom, and what made all the difference is that we stuck with it. And then we began kicking ass.

So basically what I’m saying is, I’m sure that if I start yoga, I’ll be able to do this in no time. Right. No sweat. But at least I can match my mat to my pants like she does, sooooo…we’re pretty much equals.

3. Something I’m looking forward to this week: Halloween party tomorrow night at my friends’ apartment! I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been a big fan of dressing up, and I think I’ve had some pretty decent costumes in the past. The only problem is that I always wait til the last minute to determine my plans/costume, so I’ll be scrambling tonight and tomorrow to figure out what to wear. I’m dancing around a few ideas right now, so we shall see. I love me some dress-up holidays!

Apparently so does ProCompression, as they have a limited-edition Halloween compression sock available right now. Entirely appropo and I love to see fitness companies having some fun with their products! Just not sure how often I’d wear these babies the rest of the year…like, every day that isn’t in October. Still, they’re cute and festive and fun and the spider isn’t even a scary one, so that’s a plus.



4. A food I’m liking this week: Quest bar’s Double Chocolate Chunk flavor (all-natural line). I feel like this flavor must be new, but if not, then it’s just new to me. It’s a good one. Not Cinnamon Roll good, but good. It has chunks of bittersweet chocolate in it, which is a nice addition to the chewy texture of these lil guys. And as always, can’t beat the protein (20 grams per 160 cals!).

And finally…

5. Some inspiration. And words to live by. And a “To Do” list for the rest of the week. And every day. For the rest of our lives.


Questions, friends! Tell me tell me:

What’s good in your life this week??
Halloween, yay or nay? Costumes?





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