Never too old to celebrate.

Welp that pretty much sums up my philosophy on holidays. Or on life, really. When in doubt, have a party. I think I learned that from my mom…


…or maybe F. Scott Fitzgerald. Either way, I like it.

Hence, I’ve always been a big fan of dressing up for Halloween —  whether it was as a Care Bear in the kindergarten parking lot parade (please tell me other people’s schools did this??), or as Double Dare or a Harlem Globetrotter or a Shark Attack victim in college and post-college. I like to think I’ve had some pretty sweet costumes in the past, and I’m hoping tonight’s get-up doesn’t disappoint. (Pics to come tomorrow, IF it comes together!) I’ve personally always had more fun dressing up with a friend or a group — it’s easier to think of fun costumes, and it never hurts to have that buffer of someone else looking equally ridiculous alongside you.


So my take on Halloween is: if you want to dress up, and you have somewhere fun to go, DO IT! You’re never too old to don some funny/cute/creative costumes and be as silly and “youthful” as your little heart desires.

As in: if you wanna be a pretty girl with animal ears, well — nobody should be allowed to hate on that. Just try to make sure they know what you are.

Is it wrong that Mean Girls is absolutely my favorite Halloween movie ever? I guess you could probably omit the word “Halloween” from that sentence and it’d still hold. But seriously — they nailed the cultural context of this holiday. Like whoa.

I found a sweet and low-cal, low-fat dessert to try out for the party I’m hitting: Pumpkin Fluff Dip!


Here’s to hoping this is a success as well.

So have fun tonight, and be safe, and try to balance out the tricks with the treats!

Anyone doing anything fun tonight?
Favorite Halloween costume you’ve ever worn? Or something you’re hoping to be next year?


One thought on “Never too old to celebrate.

  1. I couldn’t agree more with your mentality! I’m kind of bummed I won’t be able to join in the Halloween fun!

    And I just posted about this but my favorite costume is when Zach and I went as Sookie and Bill from True Blood. I love doing the couple or group costume thing!

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