Playing dress-up is the best thing ever because you can pretend you’re tough.

This year, I figured the best way to make the most of Halloween was to dress up as something I’m totally not but kinda definitely wish I was: a bad a$$.


BAM. Boxer and punching bag…and yes, I will take full credit for this original idea. I haven’t seen it done before and figured it was the best way for me to unleash my inner wannabe beast. 🙂 I kinda loved every second of it and still have the residue of my “tattoo” on the inside of my arm. Apparently black eyeliner isn’t the easiest to get off your arm…but I kinda like that, too. Helps me stay in character throughout the weekend, in case I run into anyone who deserves a punch or five.

I consider this Halloween to be a total success and was super happy with how the last-minute costume turned out, and it was a big hit. My friends had some cute ones too:

Sequin-clad totally-hip Florida Bingo Grandmas


and a pretty butterfly. Or, as another girlfriend labeled it, “Barbie with Wings.” Because she’s just so darn cute and Southern. 🙂

A blonde butterfly and a brunette boxer met on a plane to Paris…
and lived happily ever after as BFFs. That’s our story.

I really love dressing up for Halloween but wish it was more than just once a year. Like, twice would be perfect, and it should always be on a weekend. We can all use a little more make-believe in our lives, no? I think so.

I then shot upstate yesterday afternoon to celebrate the bro-ski’s 29th bday with the fam, which included a fab dinner at our favorite local authentic Italian restaurant, La Perla. We’ve been going there for years and it’s become a family tradition to dine there often for birthdays, anniversaries or other special occasions (like me coming home for the weekend). My favorite of our family pictures was taken there as well:

Awww. Fam. Nothing like ’em.

I then woke today to a bright, clear, brisk morning, perfect for a hilly long run.

runFelt a bit wobbly and tired for the first few miles, but got into my stride around miles 4-5 and really enjoyed the remainder of this run. Always thankful for long runs in the clean outdoors of upstate NY, especially in the fall.


Want to send a big GOOD LUCK! and HAVE FUN! shout out to all my friends (especially my wonderful roommate!) and everyone else running the New York City Marathon tomorrow. Praying you all have a safe, fun, incredible race.



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