My First Knicks Game

Last night, while on the Amtrak back to NYC from upstate, I got a text asking if I could make a 7:30pm Knicks game at Madison Square Garden.

You’d better believe I made that game. Train arrived at 6:50pm, home by 7pm, quick turn around (aka luggage drop and purse switch), and BAM — just like that, I was at my very first professional basketball game, thanks to some pretty great friends with sweet seats. Thanks, guys!

As luck would have it, I was wearing my blue sweater yesterday and didn’t even need to change. It’s like I was meant to beย  at this game.

This was my very first professional basketball game, and it totally rocked. MSG was slammed with people, and I had no idea these games were so crazy fun! There’s loud music blasting and people yelling and elementary-aged kids in hip hop groups dancing on the court and just a super high-intensity of enthusiasm and energy permeating the arena the entire time. I had an absolute blast and hope this happens again, like, soon. It also helped that we went with two guys who were/are great basketball players, so they were realllly into it and kept me on top of the game.


I also dug how they showed clips of movies on the screens, and then panned to where those famous actors were sitting in the crowd. We had Kristen Wiig, Christian Slater, and some SNL comedian there last night…as well as Spike Lee, who apparently goes to all home games and likes to stand on the court and slap the players high-five.

I have to admit I don’t really follow basketball but have always cheered for the Knicks b/c they’re my dad’s team. However, I couldn’t really name anyone on the team besides Carmelo Anthony, so half the fun for me was learning the players. Like, did you know there’s a guy who changed his name to Metta World Peace? It’s like this sport is an organized athletic circus with some insane egos and lots of craziness. And I loved it. This jersey kills me.


I also thought this guy was sort of cute and would have liked to cheer for him, but I’ve since been informed that “he’s a thug” and not the best choice. This is why girls shouldn’t be able to pick favorite players based on a one-time experience.

It’s probably the headband and tattoos that got me…and maybe the uniform had something to do with it. Anyway, I’m currently accepting ideas for favorite players, so feel free to influence my decision if you fancy. I’m listening.

Hope you all had a great end to your weekend as well! I had a sweeeeet bootcamp/circuit class this morning and am looking forward to a busy week ahead. Happy Monday, friends!

Do you follow basketball? Fave teams/players?
Weekend highlights?

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