Thankful and free…and praying in the midst of tragedy.

Happy Veterans Day! Thankful hearts and lots of gratitude to all of those courageous men and women who have dedicated their lives to serving our country and fighting to make America the land of the free. Without you, we would not be able to enjoy the liberty and freedom that forms the basis of our nation, so today and every day, we honor you and offer you our deepest thanks.

I had a wonderful weekend and planned to recap that this morning, but I think I’ll wait and do that in another post later on. I’m sure you’re all aware of the horrible tragedy that is Typhoon Haiyan, the devastating typhoon that ravaged the Philippines on Friday and is thought to have claimed over 10,000 lives. Haiyan is being called one of the strongest storms in recorded history, and the Philippines are in desperate need of aid, supplies, and prayers.

It seems like these horrid natural disasters are becoming more frequent, and more devastating, with each passing year. With Katrina in our not-so-distant past, we as Americans are acutely aware of how far-reaching the implications of these tragedies are, and how much grief and pain they bring. It’s so vital that we, as human beings, offer any support and prayers that we can to all who are affected by these events, and never take a day for granted in which we find ourselves safe, healthy, and able to enjoy the comforts we so often take for granted: food, shelter, family, and stability.

Fox News has compiled a list of reputable relief organizations dedicated to aiding the Philippines in their recovery efforts, so even if we’re unable to physically provide assistance, we can always pray about contributing in any ways we can.

The very least we can do is to count our own blessings and thank God for our health and safety, and never stop praying for those who are less fortunate and living with the repercussions of such horrible natural disasters. Today, on a day when I’m so thankful for my own freedom, my thoughts and prayers are with those struggling in the Philippines. May God help them find a sliver of hope in the midst of such a dark time.


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