Save me San Francisco

So apparently I decided that I’d take a break from everything (besides running, sleeping and eating) when I boarded a plane and set off for San Francisco last Thursday.

Every time I go to California, I shed little pieces of my heart all over the streets and have to struggle to keep my heart from sailing straight out of my skin and writing my name across the bluest skies. It’s surprising people don’t stop and try to help me put myself back together.

This was only my second time in SF, and I’m praying it’s the second of many. There are so many reasons to fall in love with San Francisco, like

  • the healthy, active, outdoorsy atmosphere and lifestyle that pervades
  • running along the ocean with a view of the Golden Gate Bridge beckoning you on
  • the Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market
  • everything about the Ferry Plaza, actually
  • the seafood. oh good Lord, the seafood. restaurants here are awesome
  • how friendly people are — they literally talk to you on the streets while you’re walking (and i’m not just talking about the crazies)
  • the eclectic architecture and “California cool” style houses
  • the parks
  • the ferry to Sausalito
  • being only an hour from wine country
  • looking up the streets and seeing those famous hills
  • being able to wear workout clothes everywhere and still fit in juuuuust fine
  • the fact that you’re in a city, with everything that city life could offer, but you’re also at the ocean, and you don’t feel overwhelmed or crowded or stifled
  • how clean it is. you can argue with me on this one, but compared to NY, it’s way clean.

For me, everything about this place just works. I love my crazy NYC life, but I could easily live in SF as well. And maybe work for one of those too-cool .com companies with trendy names and symbols. You know, like Yelp or Twitter or whathave you. Because apparently that’s where people work in San Fran, if they’re not starting food trucks or selling produce or opening donut and coffee stands by the Bridge.

I’ll get to wine country in my next post (I promise, I’m back), but for now, here are a few pix of my wonderful long weekend on the Other Coast.


brunch in Sausalito

tourists at Fisherman's Wharf (mid-run)

tourists at Fisherman’s Wharf (mid-run)

my fave baseball team and my fave drink -- orange is a great thing here

my fave baseball team and my fave drink — orange is a great thing here

some anchors just won't budge, muscles or not

some anchors just won’t budge, muscles or not

Be back soon with a wine country recap!


9 thoughts on “Save me San Francisco

  1. Oh yay!! I didn’t know you came over here! I was born and raised in the SF bay area (~40 min out of the city) which I think has made me kind of jaded. I love when people come to visit and love it, because it reminds me to appreciate what I have. I feel the same way about NY (as you do about SF) haha!

  2. I’ve only been to San Francisco once when I was about 20 I think, but it was love at first sight. There is something SO amazing about that city, and just that area of the country. Different world out there…now if only we had endless income and could LIVE out there!

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