Fun Facts Friday (11/22)

hi friends!

it’s drizzly and gray in NYC today, but i’m in a really upbeat mood and starting my Friday off on a fab foot. for starters, i’ve had a really great week for a lot of reasons, and i’m heading home to visit the fam today after work, which always makes me happy. i have a lot on my mind — a lot of good things that i want to start working toward in my life — and i’m feeling encouraged and inspired lately. i realize i’ve let myself fall into a bit of a rut in terms of striving toward some goals i’d like to achieve, and i’m ready to break free of that.


i hope the same for all of you, too, my lovely readers & blogging friends. i hope you know how much i appreciate you guys and love to read your comments and look forward to getting to know so many of you better.

let’s talk Friday Fun Facts, shall we?

1. Reading: Blue Like Jazz by Don Miller. i’ve actually had this on my “really want to read” list for, um, maybe 5 years, and finally read it this past weekend. you know how some books just speak right to you and hit you exactly where you’re at? this story leapt off the pages and burned holes into my soul. i can’t tell you how much Miller’s stories resonated with me (and how much highlighting i did while reading it).

with the tagline “nonreligious thoughts on Christian spirituality,” Miller tells this poignant, funny, personable story in such a conversational tone that you don’t feel like he’s preaching or trying to sell anyone on his faith. in fact, that’s the last thing he was doing. he simply talks about his life experiences and how God has showed up and gotten his attention in so many different situations and people, and delivers the concept of faith as something entirely different than religion — something internal, organic, relational. something beautiful and transforming and completely about love, with no judgment or preconceptions.

he wrote of something i totally believe in, and something of which i constantly need reminding. this book was instrumental in unleashing the stirrings i’ve been experiencing lately to start making my life totally reflect my passions (namely, the ways in which my love for Jesus and my love for writing can come together). i’m not saying it’s going to speak to everyone the way it did to me, but it hit me right where it hurts the best. it’s safe to say i’ll be reading this again.

2. Fashion. i have developed this habit over the past couple of years where i like to buy a scarf every time i go on vacation. i have a cute little growing collection of scarves, both warm & wintry and lightweight & flowy, and i fell hopelessly enamored with a scarf i saw in Sausalito last weekend. i walked past a store, backed up and walked into it, and beelined for this guy…and i haven’t parted much from it since. except while i’m running and sleeping. that’s about the extent of our separation.

scarffor me, it’s arguably the perfect cold-weather scarf. it’s super, super soft and warm, in this pretty oatmeal color, and the perfect length of an infinity scarf. i sort of want to buy one for everyone i know so that they can all experience this neck-trimming perfection, too.

3. Food. i am totally on a fish kick lately. i mean, i’ve been a big seafood fan for years now (ever since my taste buds changed in my 20s, thank goodness), but the past month or so has just been one fishy smorgasboard. between Catch, Sushi Samba and all the amazing seafood in San Fran, i’m pretty sure i’ve had enough omega 3s to last a girl a while. not that i plan to kick this habit anytime soon. me and spicy tuna have a thing going on, and yeah, it’s kinda serious.

if you’re a seafood fan and in NYC, i’d definitely recommend both Catch and Sushi Sambi. they have two totally different vibes and types of seafood style, but both are fun and delicious. i personally like the atmosphere, drinks, and scene better at Catch, but these tasty treats above are from SS, and i totally dug them all.

4. Workouts. this has been a nice varied workout week. i had a wonderful, beautiful long run in San Fran on Sunday that brought me to the GG Bridge,

Photoand everything else has totally paled in comparison.

sike. no but really, it has…even though it’s been all good. rest on Tuesday, a cooooold run here in NYC on Wed am (30 degrees, yikes), boot camp with the girls on Thurs (always awesome) and then my own mix of a 3-mile treadmill run (meh not my faves) and a half hour of strength training solo this morning. all in all, a good week, even if it couldn’t all occur in Cali. wah.

5. Crushing on. this shirt. seriously must find, purchase, and wear immediately.

have a great start to your weekend, loves!

Question: What’s been the highlight of your week? Any fab foods or new workouts?


6 thoughts on “Fun Facts Friday (11/22)

    • it’s a great, fast read, and really made me think about the way i approach my own faith and what it means in my every day life. it’s inspiring. def let me know what you think if you read it! we can discuss. 🙂

  1. K first, I LOVE your scarf tradition and am kind of jealous. I collect charms for a bracelet that my mom started when I was a baby. But I never wear it because it’s too special to me.
    And second, spicy tuna and I have been cheating on your behind your back. I was introduced to him by my boyfriend (I used to hate sushi. Gasp.) a few years back and it has been love ever since. Sorry for being a home-wrecker 😉

  2. Thanks Shawna “Don’t complain about what you have the power to change” is exactly what I needed to hear today, it’s right on target! Have a great weekend, see you Monday!

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