Give thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends. hope you’re all feeling super blessed and refreshed today, and focusing on what this holiday is all about…

and following it up with pie, of course. because thankfulness + pie = one sweet combo.

whether you’re traveling or staying right in the comfort of your own home, i wish you all a safe, happy, healthy Thanksgiving full of laughter, love, good food and better company. i hope you’re able to take a quiet moment and truly consider that in your life for which you’re thankful above all else; those people or things who make the world a genuinely beautiful place.


on this Thanksgiving, sitting home with my family, i’m overwhelmed with love and gratitude just knowing that the four of us — and our three amazing pups — are together in this place, safe & sound, talking or not talking, but simply breathing the same air and knowing what the definition of “belong” truly feels like settling into your bones, pushing out beneath your skin until you feel as though your very heart might burst.

it is finding love and contentment in the little moments of our everyday lives that teaches us the true meaning of thankfulness, i believe. and there are no words for things like that.


faith, family, friendship…and salsa dancing last night til the wee hours of the morning. for those things today, i’m more than thankful. (even if it did mean i slept right through this morning’s Turkey Trot. sometimes, priorities just get a bit flipped, and brother/sister salsa night trumps my running obsession. zero regrets here.)


Question: For what are you most thankful today?


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