the time i took a reallllly long Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving might have been four days ago, i do believe i’m stilllll on vacation. it’s amazing how it only takes, oh, a day or two for your body to totally readjust from waking up before sunrise and running around nonstop like a crazy person in the world’s busiest city all day every day, to crawling into bed after midnight every night and yawning yourself awake around 9-10 in small town, USA. two totally different lives, and loving ’em both hard.


it’s probably a good thing i have to return to NYC tonight, as i’m starting to recognize how easily i could be someone who goes back home for a weekend and doesn’t return to the “real world” for a hot minute. i’m a big fan of this salsa-dancing-sleeping-in-working-out-mid-day-no-set-schedule thing.


revised goals (for non-working days):

1) practice the salsa game so that someday i can dance with the best guys and not just look good because they know how to sling me around
2) run, blog, sleep, eat, repeat.
3) try new wines with the fam.

so far, batting 1000 and passing life.

i think i’ve taken “relaxation” to a whole new level this (long) weekend: i even wore gym clothes to salsa the other night. at a bar downtown. where other girls wore little going out dresses. and i have less than zero regrets and would do it again in a heartbeat.

the reason i’m still upstate, however, is a sad one. yesterday morning, a train derailed on the Metro North line just north of NYC (in the Bronx). it was a horrific accident that the New York Post called a “bloodbath”: four are confirmed dead, with almost 70 injured. this affected all the trains running to and from NYC, so i was unable to get back yesterday and am enjoying another day upstate with the family, despite this awful situation.

this is a nightmare come true for me, as i spend so much of my time on trains: subways around the city, the Metro North to and from school, and Amtrak home upstate. train derailments are such a frightening thing to hear about, and my heart and prayers go out to everyone affected by this tragedy.

it seems like tragedy runs rampant these days, and i believe the best we can do in these times is to press into our faith and offer up prayers: prayers for those devastated by the incidences, prayers for humanity in general, and prayers of thankfulness for our own safety. Jesus said that in this world we would have troubles, but for us to take heart and know that He has overcome the world. we cannot fix the world’s problems; we can only put our trust in the one who can.

i don’t know about you, but for me, this is encouraging; a beacon of light in the midst of a dark patch. a reminder that even in a time of thanksgiving and comfort, we live in a world burdened by sorrows, and every day that we awake healthy, safe and loved is a blessing beyond all blessings.




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