WILW (12/4)

well heyyyy, we’re halfway through the work week and hopefully all feeling good about that!

i’m still being greeted every Wednesday am by an appropriate little email surprise from one of my co-workers — it’s become a weekly routine now, and i’m always looking forward to seeing his latest choice. here’s today’s pick:

whattttt. like, who even would ever think of this?
some good senses of humor over here. be jealous.

here’s what i’m likin’ this Wednesday:

1. finishing my last classes of the semester last night. woooot hello a month and a half of not lugging around textbooks and getting to drink wine on Tuesdays! just kidding. ish. but really, i can’t believe the first semester of my 2nd year of grad school take 2 is over. unfortunately i still have two big final papers to hand in next week, but at least classes are finished and i can read for pleasure now. i’ll take it.

photo photo

2. we have our work Christmas party tomorrow night — always a blast. not sure if i’ve said this before, but i work with absolutely awesome people. like, consistently amazing human beings who make working in a corporate environment totally bearable and often enjoyable, and with whom i actually like to go out outside of work. Canadian bankers = complete silliness. trust me on this one.

3.  Kind granola. i’ve been a fan for a long time, and i constantly count my blessings for my one co-worker who keeps a drawer full of the different kinds and loves when i steal it. (no, really, he does. i swear.) i’m totally feeling the Dark Chocolate & Cranberry one lately. so good, can’t take it.


4. Dean Karnezes’ Ultramarathonman.  been meaning to read this for, oh, months now…and a little thing called school work got in the way. stoked to be able to dive into it next week. love me a good inspirational running book to remind me how much harder other people work. brrrrrppppp nothing like a good dose of humility to kick your butt into gear and make you feel lazy when there are human beings who run, like, 425234 miles. at a time. without dying. or crying. for fun.


5. nothing like receiving a text from my brother 2 seconds ago with a pic that totally needs to be included in this post, as it’s something i’m still way high off of after introducing it back into my life in the past few weeks. sallllllsa.

he wrote, “still got it.” i’m thinking, “nothing like wearing a racerback gym shirt to salsa night.” thank God those gold shoes kicked it up a notch.

either way, i’m lovin’ it. fave form of exercise lately, for sure.

Question: What’s rocking your world this week?


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