where’d all the running go? & gosh i hate treadmills.

i realize that i haven’t been talking so much about running on RTA lately, and i’ve sort of had a back-and-forth with myself about this. while running is a huge part of my life and i obviously wrote more about it when i was training for my first marathon in October, let’s be honest: i don’t want to bore people to tears with a million running pictures of the same route or constantly log my mileage like it’s a measure of self-worth.

reality check: running doesn’t make people like you more. you should only do it if it makes YOU like you more.


yes, i run, but i also do a lot of other things, and i want my blog to reflect a holistic approach to my life and interests…as well as a healthy dose of nonsensical ramblings, just because i can, and honestly — isn’t that why most of us who have a true passion for writing choose to blog anyway??


so,  running. i’m still doing it. as in, i’ll hopefully be doing it my whole life, God willing. i’m just not as crazy right now about my mileage as i was previously, and i’m loving all of my strength workouts just as much. i’ve had a lot of convos with my girlfriends about “finding your thing” in regards to exercising, and i know for a fact that running will always be my thing. i just don’t need to talk about it, like, every day.

right now, running and i are in a bit of a fight because of a little problem i’m having called the treadmill. (dun dun dun.) i maybe ran on the treadmill about 3 times this whole summer, and hated every single second of each run. once you really fall in love with outdoors running, it’s just not the same in a gym. unfortunately, two of my runs this week were on a treadmill: one 2-miler before a bootcamp, and a 6 miler on Tuesday. neither were that enjoyable, and i much preferred my 8-miler outside in the cold last Saturday. that was quite lovely.

speaking of outdoor cold runs, i’m totally digging these Nike running tights:

probably need to hunt those down immediately…and then try not to buy them for myself during a time when i should be buying stuff for all the people i love. anyone else have this problem at Christmas, that when you go out to shop for gifts with the best of intentions, you suddenly find everything you’ve ever wanted in every store? and i’m not even a big shopper! ridiculous, i tell you.

Question: what’re some good gifts on your list to buy for people this year? i’m totally behind and kinda stuck!


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