welp that was a long break & now i’m an artist

errrr, heyyyy, friends. i wish i had a good excuse for that little blogging hiatus, but all i can say is, life gets crazy sometimes! i know the holidays are insanely hectic for everyone and i really don’t have anything to say for myself except that i have been doing a whole lot of everything — running, working out, drinking wine, sleeping, shopping, holiday parties, and now adding painting to my list — except writing.

whoops. but hey, Merry Christmas Eve, darlings! i just love this time of year. even more so when the Winter Solstice ushers in at 60 degrees and sends all us NYers running for the river path first thing in the morning.

this felt pretty dang amazing, as i definitely needed this break from the treadmill that has been my running home for the past two weeks. it’s not even the cold that i mind so much, running outside these days; it’s the darkness that i’d be running into, either before or after work. that can be a bit sketch around these parts sometimes.

i don’t know about you, but this December has felt very holiday-ish for me. NYC probably does a better job than any other city in the world in creating a truly magical holiday vibe. one of my fave NYC Christmas traditions is the hanging stars in the Time Warner Center in Columbus Circle, which change colors consistently before your eyes. love these.

i made it to both the Columbus Circle and Bryant Park holiday shoppes this year as well, which never disappoint. i love those little artsy markets and always do well with my Christmas (and, um, personal) shopping at these. definitely make for a perfect little snowy Saturday outing, especially if you and your best friend feel like dressing alike (right down to the beanies, or “tucs” if you’re Canadian).

and now i’m back upstate with the fam for a full week, which feels like Heaven. i can never get over the cozy perfection of their little lake cabin of a home. it’s charming in every season, and covered in snow, it’s absolutely picture-perfect.

how can you not love coming home to this?? (even though the snow is all but melted by now, and the sun is glorious and sparkling over the lake!)

after a good 7-miler on a treadmill yesterday and some last-minute shopping, i spent the afternoon camped out on the glassed-in porch with some red wine and my painting materials to craft a gift for my brother. i was super excited about this and loved every second i spent on it. i haven’t painted in, like, ages, and i forgot how wonderfully relaxing and amazing it feels. i’m never so happy as i am when being creative. always been my thing, and i totally need to get back into it on the regular.

so my first artistic endeavor in years may not be the most technically adept piece, but i couldn’t be happier with it — and my brother absolutely loves it, which is all that really matters. i chose his favorite song lyric from his favorite band and turned it into something he can hang on a wall. cuz the boy seriously needs some artwork, and i seriously needed some creative time.

and there you have it. a regular Picasso in the making. 🙂

i figured what better way to combine three of my favorite things: writing, music, and art? and painting is just so therapeutic, it’s unbelievable. i must do this more often.

so i hope you all have a wonderful Christmas Eve and a lovely morning tomorrow. keep your loved ones close, count your magical blessings and give from thankful hearts.


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