merry merry & battle of the sexes

a very Merry (post) Christmas from the Hussey fam, to everyone we love.

i honestly could not have asked for a more picture-perfect Christmas this year. it was just the four of us (and the three pups), snug as bugs in our little house on the lake, with nowhere to be but right where we were, enjoying just being together. we had so much for which to be thankful, especially how healthy and safe we are, and how closely-knit our family has remained over all these years. i think it’s safe to say we grow even closer the older we get, and i thank God every day for making me a part of this amazing group.

after opening gifts and spending the morning together geeking over how much we love each other (and our new Cole Haans {Ryan} and Michael Kors ceramic watch {me}), we spent a large portion of the day at the dining room table playing this little gem of a game:

wow. what a humbling way to discover just how little you know about, um, everything. i swear this game was made by men who want women to feel ultra dumb. success, boys; big success. for every question to the guys that asked what movie Bella and Edward belong in, the girls got something along the lines of “who won the Superbowl in 1967?”, or “which type of gasoline is not like the rest?” i think the low point for me was thinking the words related to wrestling moves, when really they were parts of a gun. or maybe the fact that i knew, like, zero of the history questions (i mean, really — can you name battleships from WWII or spout out the nicknames to the atomic bombs? i think not.)

regardless, this entertained us for hourrrrsss upon end and made for some hilarious Hussey stories, so it’s safe to say this will be making an appearance on the regular. it’s so addicting. here are my take-aways:

  • it’s expected that guys know way more about history than girls, as ZERO of the girl questions related to anything historical. we are expected to be dumber.
  • boys know just as little about history as girls do, you silly game. so there.
  • it behooves you to maximize your relationships by learning everything you can from your significant other. that way, even if you break up, you’ll have learned as much as possible about manicures/car parts/celebrity baby names/football basketball baseball hockey facts/cooking utensils/weapons/hair products. and then you can win this game.
  • yes, i would probably consider getting a boyfriend just to increase my knowledge of “boy stuff” and dominate at Battle of the Sexes. i’ve always had a bit of a competitive streak. don’t judge.
  • boys know way more about girl stuff than girls do about boy stuff. or maybe that’s just the Hussey men. either way, my brother’s knowledge of French manicures, pencil skirts, blush brushes and designer labels was astounding. (and my knowledge of catalytic converters, outboard motors and fishing lines was astounding as well, in the complete opposite way.)

if you want to discover just how little you know about the opposite sex while simultaneously receiving a crash course in their world, this game is where it’s at. definitely an educationally good time.

all joking aside, though…this Christmas was one for the books in our household.

lots of relaxation,

our favorite faces,

and, most importantly, a savior’s birth to teach us all the true definition of love.



i hope you and yours had a wonderful, blessed, magical Christmas, and may the love of the season stay with you throughout your week. xoxo


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