resolve to love the best things most.

so we’re a week in, and i haven’t penned any official resolutions for 2014. i have some floating around in my head, these ongoing goals that i’d like to continue to work toward, but i haven’t done any sort of concrete list that might come back to haunt me with its permanence.

i like to keep things casual and stress free. long hair don’t care, you know the drill. (or you don’t. either way, let’s keep it moving, shall we? mmmkay.)

so rather than give you a list of my “oh man i hope i accomplish these in 2014s,” which could end up being quite long (overachiever syndrome, thankyouverymuch),  i think i’ll change this whole “resolution” thing to a “counting my blessings as i enter a brand spankin’ new year” deal.  taking inventory of my best things seems to me to be the best way to begin a new year. and i can’t lie — i had a rockin’ time in 2013. this was a stellar year for me, full of goals accomplished and amazing people, and i hope that 2014 continues to build upon this foundation and rock my socks off.

thankful for (and planning to prioritize!) in 2014:

friends. i know i’ve said this before, but i truly can’t say it enough: i have the best friends. (i’m counting my brother and parents in this category.) this has been a consistent theme throughout my life, that no matter where i’ve gone or lived, God has provided me with some outstanding, perfect-for-me people who i can’t imagine my life without. this year, i want to whole-heartedly commit to staying in touch with these treasured friends, near or far. {you know who you are.}


this includes the brother, obvi. my fave person/bestest friend ever. his moving back to NY this summer was absolutely one of the highlights of 2013 for me.


an active lifestyle.
okay, so NYC might not be the most conducive environment in which to lead a super active lifestyle. i’m committed to continue doing what i can can, with my running, gym workouts, and whatever other supplements i can get into (usually upstate). the renewal of both snowboarding and salsa dancing into my life lately has done absolute wonders for my soul, and i want to commit to staying as active as i can in all of these pursuits.

shake it til ya make it, ya hear? 🙂


i also hit a huuuuuge accomplishment and resolution of mine this past year: completing my first full marathon. this was one of the highlights of 2013 for me, from the first training step til the final step across that finish line. some dreams just take a little more blood, sweat and tears, but are infinitely worth every moment.


creative outlets. i’ve always been the creative girl. writing, painting, acting, singing, piano, art — you name it, i’ve loved it since i could tell blue from green and arrange letters into words. i’d write poetry all over my walls if i could; re-learn to play the piano well; devote hours to paint-spattered-fingertip endeavors; learn to make jewelry. these are the things that make me tick. this blog was one step toward getting back into this world i so love, and painting something for my bro for Christmas was step 2. i’m hoping to continue this streak throughout the coming year and revitalize my artistic side, which has been feeling rather stifled. you never know what might happen…

faith. without this, i am not the best version of myself. i am but a shadowy imposter, dazed and restless, in aimless pursuit of ghosts and shadows. this is my journey, and although i will experience the peaks and valleys, the tears and joys, i vow to keep my eyes skyward and my heart strong. i hope to grow in this area in 2014, and every year thereafter. God is far from finished with me yet, and these days, i feel tiny riots stirring in my heart when i lift my eyes high.

{the best is yet to come.}


{above all else, there is love.}



What are you most looking forward to this year?

What wonderful parts of your story belong to 2013?


4 thoughts on “resolve to love the best things most.

  1. I love that you are counting your blessings instead of thinking about things you want to change. I like your style! And congratulations on that marathon! That’s quite an accomplishment! I hope 2014 has more wonderful things in store for you! Happy New Year!! –Lisa

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