Fun Facts Friday {1/10/2014}

1. excited about: my brother comes to visit me tonight for the weekend! considering he’s my best friend/favorite person in the world, i couldn’t be more stoked for this. we have big plans to bachata and salsa the nights away. he hasn’t visited me since a one-day trip in May, when we did little else than wander around Central Park, so this is a much-needed trip.

Husseys in Central Park

Husseys in Central Park

2. wearing: i realize i have a serious thing for workout pants. like, i’m forever on the hunt for the next perfect pair. Nike’s Epic Run capris are my fave outdoor pair, and i’m loving Avia’s  knee-length spandex capris a whole lot — they fit and stay in place soooo well (and are so affordable at TJ Maxx). but sometimes, a girl just needs to crazy up her gym attire, and i’m amassing quite a collection of printed running capris. i mean, i spend enough time in workout clothes…might as well have fun with them. you know, just in case i need to pull a Dorothy (like, from Oz) and match my clothes to my eyes. please tell me someone gets that reference? mmmkay, thanks.

3. crushing on:


4. encouraged by: my daily devo this morning from my Streams in the Desert app (which i read on the subway each morning as i commute to work). it never ceases to amaze me how God gives us just what we need for where we’re at — He’s so astounding like that. i’ve had thoughts of my future direction weighing on me quite a bit lately, and i often find myself feeling a bit frustrated over why certain paths i so desire to pursue don’t seem to be opening up, and wrestling with thoughts over what actions to take next, and how i know if what i’m pursuing is what i should be pursuing — and then i read this this morning, which seems to be a quiet nudge to remind me that i am not the one in control. God has a much bigger plan for my life than anything i can see with my tunnel vision and limited scope, and it’s okay if i don’t see the big picture right now — because He does. this is a lesson in trust and obedience for me, which i desperately need.

5. inspired by: inside of me, deep at my very core, has always been a poet. sometimes she surfaces more frequently than others; lately, unfortunately, i haven’t given her much freedom of expression or room to breathe. but every now and then, right in the middle of everyday life, i stumble across something that flutters the curtains of my soul and reminds me of the pure and simple calling of an artist: to be true to what you feel at the center of your being, and to never stop believing in yourself. this, for me, hit home.


and now, i believe i’m off to write some poetry.

have a fantastic weekend, loves! xoxo


What are you looking forward to this weekend?
Any fave workout clothes to spice up your gym routines?


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