best weekend with the bro (in Gotham City apparently)

happy Monday!

first of all, time out from life to acknowledge that Loft is having a ridiculous online sale right now. this is one of my fave places to buy cute and professional work clothes, so for those of us not fortunate enough to be snowboard bums/personal trainers/work-from-home artists, this is pretty exciting news, especially for a Monday morning.

and now i’m totally stoked for these blazers to arrive:



so, this past weekend was a fab one for me, as my brother came to visit. we hit up Club Cache on Friday night for some bachata and salsa, which ended up being awesome:  packed, sweaty, good music, some pretty good dancers, and a mind-blowing surprise performance.

so, yeah, about that last one. i almost can’t believe it happened. the world’s most famous bachata couple performed at Cache…and everyone was blown away.

i think it’s safe to say that most people who dance (or really like) bachata have seen their YouTube video, which has over 60 million views and showcases some of the most amaaaazing bachata dancing i’ve ever seen. it’s one of my life goals to learn to dance like this girl…and i’ve probably seen this video 50 times in the past 4 years. it was a huge shock to Ry and i when they performed on Friday night (and definitely motivation to up our dance game!).

the rest of the weekend was spent wandering around some of my fave parts of NYC  (SoHo, the Village(s), and Nolita); a yummy Thai lunch at Room Service, which never disappoints (fun fact: this is the restaurant i’ve frequented more than any other since living here); some Saturday night ping pong at NYC’s sweet ping pong club, Spin; and some healthy doses of sibling chill time, watching movies and drinking wine.


pretty fabulous weekend with my bestest friend, from start to finish.

we discovered a new-to-us wine that we both really liked: Chateau St. Michelle’s (dry) riesling. this was delicious: super light and peachy, and so, so drinkable. i’ve steered clear of rieslings in the past because i’m really not a sweet wine girl, but this one was awesome. i’ll definitely be adding this to the regular rotation.


workouts: i hit the gym every single day last week, so i took Saturday off and got my exercise walking around alllll day (in the 56 degree weather we had…what?!) with Ry, and then i went last night after Ry left for an hour of cardio (ran 2 miles and then did the elliptical) to finish off the week on the right foot. (welp, and to burn off some of the wine, froyo and tortilla chips we inhaled.)

my week (and a day) in workouts:

  • Monday: boot camp (kettlebells, TRX, strength circuits with a group of 4)
  • Tuesday: 4-mile treadmill run, 20 mins of abs
  • Wednesday: 6.5-mile treadmill run
  • Thursday: my own hour-long session of interval strength training/circuits (kettlebells, weighted row machine, ball-wall squats, and a whole mess of burpees and pushups and lunges and other plyometrics…fun stuff)
  • Friday: 5.5-mile treadmill run and some abs
  • Saturday: rest day
  • Sunday: 30 mins on the “advanced ellipticals” with all the moving parts; 2-mile run, then incline walking on a treadmill; 5-minute planks

i was also fortunate enough to catch a cameo appearance at Mid-City gym last night, as this guy sauntered in, did a couple of laps around the small gym, apparently found everything to his liking, and sauntered right back out to fight crime in NYC.

in case you can’t tell from my motion shots of him stomping around, that is, in fact, Batman. in full, serious costume, inspecting every corner of the gym. i’ve heard so many stories about this guy (who apparently comes from New Jersey into the city every day) parading around NYC “fighting crime” as though he were actually Batman. welp, i finally saw him, and i can attest — dude means business. cape and all.

hope you guys had wonderful weekends as well, full of people and activities you love!

Best part of your weekend?
Siblings? are you close?
Ever seen a superhero (or someone equally interestingly nutty) in real life?



7 thoughts on “best weekend with the bro (in Gotham City apparently)

  1. Ah, that is awesome.. I have never seen a superhero up close hahaha, but my last name is Gotham, so I tell every little kid I meet that my dad is Batman.. does that count?

    I love reading blogs of people who live in NYC, because I now have a list of places to eat in the city. My family always hit up all the chains, and my boyfriend’s restaurant of choice is Hard Rock Cafe, soooo I obviously need recommendations for better places to eat hah.

  2. Your weekend was a success for sure! And you are making me feel a tad bit jealous at the fact that you live in New York. Sounds like there is so much to do which is totally opposite if Memphis 🙂 Glad you had fun! Brothers are awesome.

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