Friday Five {1/31/14}

welp i don’t know about you, but this sure felt like a WEEK! whew. so so thankful it’s Friday!

things i’ve been digging this week:

1. running: making nice with the treadmill. okay, okay, so i’m not entiiiirely changing my tune — i’d still choose an outdoors run over a treadmill any day, hundo P…buuuut these dark & frigid mornings we’ve had lately in NYC have driven me indoors and forced me into a tepid, bittersweet Winter love affair with the treadmill. i’ve learned to be very thankful he exists and haven’t even minded the longer runs as much as i usually do: my 9-miler last week actually seemed like a breeze, all things considered.

photoi’m learning to play nice. however…


2. Kirkland trail mix.welp, after a long absence, this has been reinstated into my work life again this week.

this stuff shouldn’t be allowed to exist. it’s office-snack crack. i’m just thankful it’s not anywhere near where i sit, so i can only snag handfuls when i happen to walk over there or purposefully take a detour (or ten). so simple, but sooooo addicting.

3. Super Bowl. i’m really not that into football and have never seen a professional game live, but i welcome any excuse to have a little shindig with friends and hopefully catch a good tear-jerking Clydesdale-loves-his-trainer commercial or two and an entertaining half-time show.

i do, however, like Denver (as a place) and have somehow come to the conclusion that Peyton Manning is a really nice guy, so i’m rooting for the Broncos.

and then i just discovered this morning that such a thing as an Eric Decker exists,


soooo it seems i chose wisely without even knowing the full extent of how wonderful the Broncos are. choice solidified. i have what you call a “type,” and this is pretty much what it looks like. i am undoubtedly a sucker for some dark hair, dark eyes, and scruff. just not the whole “married” thing. i try to steer clear of that. but hey, if i’m going to watch football, well…might as well enjoy it. 🙂

4. 16 Handles Greek & Honey. i used to be a border-line fro-yo addict. those self-serve places that have sprung up everywhere in the past few years? forget it. although i’ve majorly scaled down in the past year, i recently discovered this little gem of a flavor at 16 Handles:

GreekHoney_v2just go try it. and thank me later.

5. the best thing i’ve ever read. i wish i could tell you i’d written this. i really do. because i wish with every bone in my body that i thought of these words first; that i had expressed how i feel about life before she did. but i’m just oh-so-thankful that this was written, and that one of my bffs (who also has the same sense of sky-gazing wanderlust and incurable passion to fall in love with the world, which is one of the many many reasons we are friends and i adore her), found it and shared it with me and gave me something to read and inspire me every morning for the rest of my life. read this:

Don’t Date a Girl Who Travels


Something wonderful about your week?
Where would you go, if you could go anywhere?


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