Is this a billboard for Heaven?

no, but seriously…what?

splashed on the north-west corner of 44th St. and 11th Ave in NYC, we have a baffling and very 80s looking advertisement for…

right, i’m not sure either. Heaven, it would seem? any other guesses?

and yes, i’ll glady take a dose of Heaven in Hell’s Kitchen. thanks, guy.

i happily started off my Saturday morning with a lovely run along the West Side — i was on Cloud 9 to finally run outdoors again (even if i never ended up finding the group i planned to meet. whoops). this is my “ain’t no run like an outdoors run after weeks of a treadmill” dork face.

when in doubt about what to wear on an outdoor run, choose as many bright colors as possible. this obviously will help combat anything the weather might throw your way.

i did an 8-mile jaunt down to Battery Park City and back that included a distant sighting of a lady we all know and love.

i then made my way over to the hip new market place that opened this past fall just a couple of blocks from me: Gotham West, which is very Brooklyn hipster/ Williamsburg-esque and totally a great addition to my neighborhood.

it’s an open floor plan with some great little eateries in it (and a bike shop, which is pretty sweet!), including a Blue Bottle Coffee (which i immediately snagged post-run to fuel me on my trip up to the Heights to visit friends). really good coffee, made even better because they do those fun foam pictures. so cute.

really stoked about this market and plan to pop in on the regular.

after spending the day in Washington Heights with friends, i actually had a rare “night out on the town with the girls” on Saturday night! my home-body, going home on the weekends to snowboard and salsa self hasn’t had a weekend night out in NYC in a while, so it was a welcome change.

Phototriple trouble.

we went to Mister H in the Mondrian Hotel in SoHo for two of our girlfriends’ joint birthday party, which was a ton of fun. really cool venue, fun music, and great crowd.

after a-totally-packed-from-morning-til-the-wee-hours-of-the-morning Saturday, Sunday found me walking the Highline, having Pinkberry, and watching the Super Bowl in sweats on the couch while doing school work. and by watching the Super Bowl, i mean that i thought Bruno Mars sounded awesome and i felt bad for the Broncos.

hope you guys had a fabulous weekend!

What were the highlights of your weekend?
Super Bowl fun? Did you watch it? What’d ya think?


One thought on “Is this a billboard for Heaven?

  1. Lol I watched the Super Bowl too, aka I thought Bruno Mars sounded awesome and I felt bad for the Broncos too. I thought the game was pretty boring- not sure if this was because I was rooting for the Broncos or what

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