WILW {2/5/14}

i’ll tell you what i DON’T love on this Wednesday: waking up to a slushy, messy, sleety, rainy gray day with mini lakes hugging all sidewalk corners and hearing from my friends and family upstate about the beautiful, powdery snow they’re getting.

like, why can’t this just be my life all Winter, frolicking and sliding in a pristine flufferland? i’d like to just slap this on my door and call it a season:

goneboardingsigh. a girl can dream.

but i DO love:

*feeding the wanderlust. i’m headed to Boca Raton, FL bright and early tomorrow morning with girlfriends to stay at a fabulous hotel through Sunday night. totally stoked for a few days of beach, sun, warmth, flip flops,  celebrating one of the bff’s bdays, and outdoor workouts. yessss. maybe even find a place to salsa dance while i’m down there??

photo: Shadetree photography

photo: Shadetree photography


*inspiration. amazing article about switching up your life to focus on what counts.
my little inner hippie heart leaps at stories where people my age suddenly realize what’s important in their lives and drop everything to pursue it at all costs. i struggle every single day with living in the tension between “that which i must do” and who i am innately, organically, at the very core of my being. the two are in constant conflict (especially lately), and articles like this just send my mind soaring. i’m not saying this is for everyone — i’m saying, when you aren’t living in your “sweet spot” where your life reflects your individual passions and dreams and you find yourself trying to fit into a lifestyle that just isn’t quite you, the sense of being unfulfilled and chasing the wind is quite wearisome.

but don’t worry, friends: if i sell all my possessions and move to the country to write and snowboard my days away, i’ll still blog about it. 🙂

*prayer. i’ve found myself thinking about prayer quite a bit the last few days, and how little i do of it — effectively, at least — and how much more i’d like to do of it. that which we pray about, we focus on, and we deem important in our lives. my prayers generally revolve around certain things or people or aspects of my life, and when i take a step back and look at that, i realize that those people and areas are usually where i’m most content or engaged or see the most discipline and change. so if i started praying more about that which i would like to act upon, or like to see changed, or what frustrates me the most, well, that certainly can’t hurt — and probably will do a great deal of help, especially in changing my mentality and perspective on situations. so the point is, i need to pray more, and not just reduce my prayer life to little wisps of fragments i manage to get out before falling asleep at night (in those 10 seconds i have between when my head hits the pillow and i’m completely done for). i’ve found that i’m pretty good at “thank you” prayers, which at least means i know how much i have for which to be grateful, but i don’t spend enough concerted time really delving into prayers about my future direction, or utilizing my passions, or the actions i would like my dreams to take.

and that, my friends, should be my 2014 resolution. because i don’t have these dreams and hopes and desires and stirrings for nothing…and they’re not just mine.





2 thoughts on “WILW {2/5/14}

  1. Lol I feel the same way about how all my blog friends are having these snow days and I’m just stuck in rain. I’m just going to convince my company’s president that we should get snow days if our east coast branches get them 😉

  2. Yesterday’s weather was so gross! I had to navigate through those disgusting frozen oceans at each crosswalk and eventually gave up.

    I actually read that same article the other day too and it really got me thinking… moving to New York certainly forced me to downgrade and minimize many of my possessions. When I first moved, all I had with me were 3 suitcases and a bed in my tiny box studio. It was so amazing and freeing! Eventually the rest of my things came from Chicago, but I can definitely understand the liberating feeling of minimalism. Maybe one day? Ha!

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