Beach brain

well heyyyyy, friends. yes, i’m still alive. see, i have this little thing called “vacation brain,” where my world seems to stop every time i go somewhere…because i have insane wanderlust and create a whole little life for myself when i travel, and then it takes me a solid 4-5 days afterwards to remember how to live my regular life and adjust to things like scarves and subways and the inside of a gym.

does this happen to anyone else? it’s not that i’m not enamored with my city and consider myself extremely blessed every day to live here — it’s just that, well, i’m in love with the world. simple as that.

annnnd that it can be difficult to go from this little slice of Heaven (aka Summer in February)

to this (which is what a friend just texted me this morning, with a nice little “thought of you”)

hurts my face
not that i’m a Winter-hater or anything — far from it. but coming back to frigid temps, a blizzard, and slushy sidewalks is a faaaaar cry from my life last weekend, which was a whole lot of wonderful in Boca Raton and Miami:

Boca Raton Resort & Club, a Waldorf Astoria

our beauuuuutiful resort: Boca Raton Resort & Club: Waldorf Astoria

dancing in Miami at the Riviera Hotel; ready for a night out in Boca

dancing in Miami at the Riviera Hotel; ready for a night out in Boca

all the sun. all the tan. all the drinks. pretty good, you?

all the sun. all the tan. all the drinks. pretty good, you?

i even managed to get a good 5-miler in on Friday morning, which felt amaaaazing. running outside, in the ocean air, around a beautiful place, and feeling sun and warmth and sweat again….ahhhhh. sign me up foreverrrr. and with this for a view?

Photoi mean, i’m sure i’ve seen worse. somewhere.

it was a little weekend in Heaven, with blue skies and 80+ degrees every day. we met awesome people and celebrated one of my best friend’s bdays alllll weekend long. i’m really not sure how i managed to drag myself back onto the plane and head for 18 degree weather and gray skies after such an epic weekend with fabulous girls. thanks, friends. love you!

Boca was super relaxing and beautiful, and Miami — for the one night we were there — was mainly spent having a lot of quality girl time at the hotel and listening to this adorable, talented 3-piece folk band at Moreno’s in the Riveria Hotel (great little spot — definitely recommend this hotel and restaurant if you’re in Miami). they sang Alex happy birthday and the owner serenaded me with “Something” by the Beatles, and we just had an all-around amazing time. yes, i left thinking i could absolutely live at the beach.

and now i just can’t wait to go back.

oh — and Happy Valentine’s Day, friends! i’m headed upstate tonight to spend the wknd with the people i love the mostest (hi family!) — and take advantage of some 15 inches of snow that fell. hopefully some good snowboarding will help eradicate my beach withdrawals (at least a littttttle bit!).

Questions: Are you a beach bum type? Ever been to Miami?
Special V-day plans? Hate it or love it?


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