Friday Five {2.28.14}

1. holy sickness. i can’t even begin to explain to you guys how rough this past week has been. pretty sure i haven’t been this down-for-the-count in a good 15 years or so. thankfully, my bosses are so understanding and my parents’ house is only a couple of hours away, soooo i hopped a train upstate on Wednesday and i’m camped out at the lake house to ride this out.

i’m on the mend, but it’s been a misery trip for a week +. if i die at this point, i’m pretty sure it’ll be from the amount of drugs i have swimming around in my system. this has been a humbling lesson in not taking my health for granted and in knowing when to slow down, which can be very difficult for me. laying in bed for a week is my idea of pure torture, and although i’ve managed some scattered workouts, they’ve been much fewer and less intense, and there’s been very little running. like i said, misery.

2. out on the town. i did manage to get gussied up and drag myself to a charity gala last Saturday night, even though i didn’t feel great (and woke up feeling 100 times worse the next morning). this is the 3rd year i’ve attended the annual Big Night Out, a fundraiser for Big Brothers Big Sisters of NYC (for which i am a volunteer), held at Cipriani’s in the Financial District. it’s such a fun event at a beautiful venue, with poker tables and drinks and a silent auction and dancing…and i had a new dress, and i’d gotten my hair done that day…’nuff said. no sickness was going to keep me indoors that night.

3. read. 50 Rules for Daughters on Thought Catalog. read it if you have a daughter, or if you are a daughter, or know any women or girls or daughters. it’s really good. i especially like that it’s written by a man, who has taken great pains to put together a list of “this is what girls should be like” for his two daughters. it’s honest, it’s charming, it’s funny, it’s sweet, and it’s heartfelt. i probably need to print this out and hang it on my wall. although i’d be wary to ask my dad to ever write one of these…

4. believe. i know i’m guilty of getting so caught up in the busy-ness of life and feeling frustrated by what seems like my inability to chase my dreams or pursue my passions, when i have so many things i have to do right in front of me. i forget to revel in the very goodness of God on the most simplistic level and find the essence of my identity there, so caught up am i in what i want and in my selfish feelings of unfulfillment. God’s plan is always perfect; our hesitance to trust Him is what hinders us.


5. truth of the week.

doyoursquatssounds about right.

Tell me the high and low of your week! My high was the gala (and getting to spend time at home!), and my low was definitely this ridiculous sick thing i have going on!



9 thoughts on “Friday Five {2.28.14}

  1. Thank GOODNESS I avoided any flu this winter! That just sounds awful. I’m glad you got to go to the gala tho! Events like that are always so special and fun! I bookmarked that truth the other day too haha vegetables, squats, and nice boys…sounds like the perfect formula for a healthy and happy life

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