Oscars Faves: Because it’s all about the fashion.

so, let’s talk a little about the best fashion event of the year. oh, sure, it’s supposed to be the premier film event, but let’s face it — what they wear is just as important as who wins, isn’t it? πŸ™‚ i sadly only caught one of the best pic noms this year, yet i still got excited to watch the red carpet, have as many Jared Leto sightings as possible, and laugh at Ellen’s amazing antics.

these were some of my fave looks:

Jared Leto. the white, black and red; the long, wavy ombre hair; the scruffy beard; those eyes. i can’t with this guy. just stop already. unless you want to bring that face and your incredible articulation (how amazing was his speech?!) into my life, it’s probably better you stop teasing me from afar. lucky for you i generally date guys with darker features, Jared, or else you might be in trouble. πŸ™‚


Jessica Biel. proving that you definitely don’t have to be an amazing actress to steal the show in the looks department. she’s so gorgeous here that i don’t know how anyone took their eyes off of her. love everything about this Chanel dress, the jewelry, the hair, and the simple make-up. entirely flawless.


Lupita Nyong’o.
it’s a good thing i wasn’t invited to the Oscars this year, because despite the fact that i’ve never heard of this girl before, i would have totally caused a scene by trying to wrestle her for this ethereal Prada dress last night. although a bit scandalously cut, the shade of blue is just breathtaking, and i love the way it flows. my only gripe is that it just didn’t work for her on the top. the amount of bones showing is completely unnerving and unattractive, in my opinion. but it’s a gorgeous gown.


Naomi Watts.
does Calvin Klein ever do anything wrong on the red carpet? this dress was captivating, from the beading and the dazzling purity of the cut and color, to the way it fits her so perfectly. she absolutely radiated. i really liked her hair swept back like that and the red lips as well. she looks so clean and fresh and winter-white. i think this was my favorite look of hers.


Olivia Wilde and Jason
totally won the award for best looking couple of the night. how dapper do they look?! love his bow tie. love her hair. way too cute.

there were others that i thought were nice, or had nice elements to them, but that weren’t my faves holistically. i know everyone went ga-ga over Kate Hudson’s, but it wasn’t my preference, and i liked the sheer bottom on Charlize’s, but the clear straps threw me off. overall, though, i thought there were a lot of really nice looks.

it has to be tough to pick just the right look, i’d imagine. i think i’d want something in a royal blue, sort of flowy and of a lighter fabric, with sapphires and diamond jewelry. yes, i think that’s what i’ll go for when i finally walk a red carpet. πŸ™‚

What were your fave looks from the 2014 Oscars?
What would YOU wear if you were going to the Oscars??


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