WILW {3/5/2014}

*gym collecting. as of this week, i now belong to four gyms. four. that miiiiight be a little bit unnecessary…but for now, i’m chalking it up to a healthy way to release my commitment issues without taking a strain on anything (except maybe my wallet).  i mean, i can totally justify them all:

  • i joined NYSC when i first moved to NYC a few years ago and have gone there religiously
  • i need a (cheaper) gym upstate for my frequent trips there, so i joined Planet Fitness
  • i switched to Mid-City two mornings a week when my trainer moved there
  • and now, because it’s only $25 a month and super convenient (especially in the cold weather and early mornings), i decided i should show my face in my apt building’s gym.

and there we have the story of how i started collecting gym memberships as though they were trucker hats.

yes, it’s annoying that our gym isn’t free, but it is what it is. or, as Juan Pablo would say, “eees okay!” plus, they serve free coffee/tea and breakfast goodies in our lounge compliments of Amy’s Bread, the most amazing bakery, so it’s definitely working out in my favor.


* running humor. after taking running so seriously last summer/fall when i was training, sometimes it’s a nice little breath of fresh air to be able to run without the pressure of a big goal. or to be able to have a conversation with someone without talking about running (yes, i probably annoyed everyone). or to run five miles and not feel like it just wasn’t good enough. although now i’m rather feeling the other extreme, that i might be taking this training for next weekend’s 13.1 just a little tooooo flippantly. and by training, i mean sleeping a lot and running some. recipe for a PR, right?


*those lemony Girl Scout cookies. these Savannah Smiles things suddenly came out of nowhere in the past couple of years, am i right? i’ve never really been into lemon desserts at all, but these are like crack for me.  i can’t stop eating them, and at 5 cookies for 140 calories, they’re not even that bad. i mean, the whole box only has 5 servings. it’s practically health food.  i’m not that tempted by most GS cookies (except thin mints, which i just make myself avoid at this point). those coconut chocolate Samoa things that people go crazy for? yeah, not into them at all. nor those peanut butter ones with the funny aftertaste. but for some reason, i’m addicted to these little half-moons of lemony perfection. so. good.


* headbands. i’m a big fan of head accessories. i have my fair share of snap backs/trucker hats, beanies, and stretchy running headbands (that i regularly wear when i’m not running). i pretty much always have one with me if i’m not wearing one just in case i neeeeed it, which i usually do. very limited time to do my hair + very little desire to do my hair + not so concerned with how my hair looks except for the one weekend night when i may or may not go out = meant to wear headbands. because “hey, i dig your headband” sounds wayyyy better than “um, do you want to borrow a brush?”


*still on the “Jared Leto is amazing kick
  because posting this on his Instagram (yes, i follow him — stop yourself now) today is just all kinds of awesomeness.

happy Wednesday, loves!

Favorite Girl Scouts cookies?
Tell me something you’re lovin’ about your week!


8 thoughts on “WILW {3/5/2014}

  1. Pahaha your addiction to gyms is at least healthy! Completely jealous of how well you pull of headbands cutie-pa-tootie! K, don’t throw anything at my head for saying this, but I’ve never really liked Girl Scout Cookies…*awkward silence*

  2. I’ve never seen those lemon cookies but they look so delicious!! I love lemon-flavored desserts. And I know we’ve already talked about this too much but Jared Leto is the man. I need to start following him on Instagram

  3. Love the playdough Jared Leto! So funny!

    Four gyms is insane! But, to be honest, it probably ends up being cheaper than going around and taking individual classes around the city like I do. That costs a small fortune. I would be annoyed if I had to pay for our building’s gym but it is rather small and while the equipment is good, it is not cutting edge by any means. if it was really awesome then maybe I would pay.

  4. Haha, I love this and am very happy to know that I’m not the only one that is a member of so many gyms. Convenience really is everything so I get it! 😉 I’m a member of 4 gyms myself and people really find this hilarious! Great post!

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