i like these things {picture post #2}

* needles and ink. pooooosssiblyyy soon, maybe together, a little modified. no, i’m not jumping on the anchor bandwagon. yes, it has personal meaning for me — a few meanings, related to both my family and my faith.

*wish this was me. those pants. the shoes. that setting. nice motivation for working on balance. or going to Colorado. or buying hightops or working on my flexibility or stalking down those pants immediately.

*perspective. funny, how such a little goes such a long way. when i was stressed as a teenager, my mom used to try to help me with this by saying, “well, at least you’re passing life.” my best friend and i used to jokingly say this to each other all the time (especially when we questioned whether “flying colors” were necessary for this “life passing” thing). but it’s so, so true. in the grand scheme of things, well…usually, this too shall pass. and from it, we will grow.

ralph waldo emerson

so this is how i’m hoping i feel about my 13.1 next weekend:

i Hundo P believe this and have felt it ring so true in my own life, especially during my training all last summer and fall. i’d be delighted to keep this mentality throughout the coming week and into next Sunday’s race. my life is wonderful. i love running. when i’m running, my life is wonderful. and ps, you still have four miles to go.

*belief. because if someone loved us enough to die for us and He believes we’re worth that much, well…we really should work on believing we are, too.


*take a chance. so much of life is about risks, and chances, and allowing ourselves to be vulnerable in hopes for something glittering and wonderful to happen. i don’t know about you, but i’m all about the beauty of taking a chance.  follow that dream, even if it seems impossible. tell someone how you feel, even if it scares you. take the leap, even if the landing is uncertain and the fall might not be soft.

because you never know what day could be the best day of your life.





13 thoughts on “i like these things {picture post #2}

  1. Lol “A Hundo P” I’ve never heard that before! I’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo lately too…a globe most likely with the word “wanderlust” underneath or maybe just the globe. It’s a huge commitment tho so who knows if I’ll ever take the chance. But I guess I should just take your advice from later on in the post and just go for it, huh? haha

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