The Dead Rabbit

i’m Irish.
i like a good prohibition-style cocktail bar or a place with a historical, unique vibe.
i like checking out new hot-spots that get rave reviews and seeing if they really do live up to their reputations.
enter: The Dead Rabbit, a new 19th-century style Irish bar with some serious charm and class.

photo via (Andrew Kist)

photo via (Andrew Kist)

okay, so as a former little girl with a bunny obsession, the name of this Irish-style cocktail bar isn’t my fave. i’d probably prefer it to be called, oh, anything else. (but the story of how it got its name is pretty cool, and you can read that on its information-overload website…think Gangs of New York era.)

however, once you get past the roadkill name, it’s pretty rad. if you read the (very cluttered) text on their home page, it’s gotten quite a few accolades in the past year…like World’s Best New Cocktail Bar and a Best Bar in America for 2013. especially considering all of the competition in NYC, they’re doing something amazingly right.

located way downtown in the Financial District, it’s not in the most populated area, but the place was absolutely packed with an after-work thirsty Thursday crowd, and we had to wait an hour to get a table upstairs in the cocktail parlor. when we sat, the server brought everyone at the table a little dainty tea cup of their house punch. i can’t really recall what it tasted like, exactly…i was more enamored with the whole tea cup presentation. so darling.

photo: courtesy of The Dead Rabbit

photo: courtesy of The Dead Rabbit

as little as i enjoy going to bars, especially lately, i have to say this was a cool spot with a very specific niche and a hip vibe. all of the little details made the place: the tea cup apertifs, the hardcover book-type menus; the specialty drinks; the various black and white photographs tacked all over the ceiling and beams in the bar downstairs. it’s those little details that really give a place character and make it memorable.


if you’re looking for a little history to mix in with your cocktails (which also all have historical significance), this is definitely your place. all-in-all, a fun and unique experience.

What’s the best bar in your city, in your opinion?
Are you into cocktails, or stick with beer/wine?



6 thoughts on “The Dead Rabbit

  1. Haha I think I’m with you on the name. I read it and was like, “Awww.” *insert sort of sad face*. There’s a super old bar in my neck of the woods that has been there for over 100 years. They have a shuffle board table and beer up the wazoo. It’s fun if you get a group of friends to go, but otherwise a lot of old people like to hang out there so it can get kind of dull (no offense to them haha).

  2. I’m not a big drinker but when I do I love trying cool new (usually fruity) cocktails. That bar looks SO COOL! The pics are really intricate you can tell someone put their heart and soul into designing the place.

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