WILW {3.12.14}

don’t you just love when a day is finally over that you’ve so been waiting to be over? i think that’s the first thing i’m loving on this beautiful Wednesday morning in NYC:

*that yesterday is over. i take two back-to-back classes on Tuesday nights, and i spent almost all of my free time last week and the entire weekend grinding away at three assignments due yesterday: a 13-page paper on The Breakfast Club’s depiction of adolescent identity development, which actually was a rather fun (albeit very time-consuming) assignment and definitely makes me want to work with teenagers even more than i already thought i did;

my solo presentation on any topic i desired, so i chose the appropriate use of humor in a therapeutic relationship (did i mention i’m studying relational psychology, aka marriage and family therapy? surprise); and a treatment plan based upon a specific model of therapy. hours and hours of work, four hours of classes, and now it’s done — and i can breathe and remember how to be fun again. when it’s over, it just feels so good to work so hard on something and have it turn out well and be behind you, doesn’t it?? #phew

*running. i’m back outside again! hallelujah. i had a tired, hilly, not-quite-the-ten-miles-i-hoped-for study break of a run upstate on Saturday, which felt like a bit of a rough start to my spring running but definitely made me excited to be outside regularly again. no more of this too-cold-and-too-dark business any longer. i’m looking forward to pushing myself again, especially on the hilly roads upstate. they’re good for the runner’s soul (and humbling after a few months of treadmills).

i have the NYC Half this coming Sunday, and my legs are feeling more fatigued than usual (fabulous), so i’m taking it easy this week. i did a happy little 3-miler this morning along the river and will maybe do a few slow miles on Friday, but mostly i’ll be resting this week. and having nightly dates with my pink foam roller. and lots of Aleve-popping.

*picture worth all the words. no, seriously. story of my life.

* food. i’m not typically a big “meal” person — i’m much more of a snacker. unless i have specific plans to meet someone for a meal, left to my own devices, i will just graze all day and never really sit down to a full meal. i pretty much have zero margin in my life so cooking is out of the question, and i like just grabbing things on the go and continuing on into the busy-ness. yes, i’m fully aware that i probably need to slow down at some point. but this is not that point.

some of the snacks/foods i’ve been loving lately:

Medifast Peanut Butter Crunch bars. so, so good. my mom orders boxes and boxes of these at a time, and i am always sure to steal a few to sneak back to the city. they’re my fave breakfast treat, or post-run treat, or aft-dinner dessert…mmmm.

Nature Box snacks. Fancy dried figs, Blueberry Nom-Noms,  Sunshine Chips. yum.fancydriedfigs_catalog.1356625585blueberrynomnoms_catalog_1.1364859302sunshinechips_catalog.1356625586some other regulars in the weekly food routine have been cottage cheese (am i alone on this one? i am eating it every couple of days lately!), the usual bananas, and lots of tea. i’m traditionally a coffee girl, but ever since i fell sick 3 weeks ago today and still am unable to fully recover (sore throat, get out of my life), i’ve been downing tea like whoa. and loving it.

*faith. hope. love. dream. inspire. don’t forget to believe in the beautiful, at all costs.




What do you need a little more of in your life? (hope, patience, peace, exercise, veggies, wine expertise…list is endless!) 🙂

Are you a Nature Box-er? If so, what snacks do you like best?


6 thoughts on “WILW {3.12.14}

  1. OMG you might be the bravest person ever for want to work with teenagers. Like my current self would not have wanted to be friends with my teenage self. But seriously, that’s amazing! The world needs people like you! Your major sounds so incredibly interesting!

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