Friday Five {3.14.14}

five things i believe:

1. mornings are for running. once you become a morning runner, you crave that time. the thought of putting on your sneakers as soon as your alarm goes off and starting your day with a good dose of adrenalin, personal time, and a fresh sky puts everything into perspective for the rest of the day. there was a time — like, most of my life before the last 2 years — when i thought morning runners were crazy. now, i just know that i must be crazy too, then. and i love it.

passion is everything. you don’t have to love running. or cooking, or hiking, or singing, or writing or playing the guitar or dancing salsa. but you have to love something. what you choose to do with your time defines you, and we all need something worth living for, to get us out of bed in the mornings and to make our pulses race and our hearts soar. a life without passion is no life at all. and once you discover what that thing is (or those things are), you have to tuck it safely beneath your skin and weave it into the fabric of your days. you need to own it, and commit to it, and make it yours. and you don’t have to be the best at something to love it so so so much. you just need to stick with it.juliachild_passion
3. sometimes, a girl needs a little glitter. this needs no explanation. we all need to sparkle, now and again.



4. you’re never too old to have a crush. some things just don’t go out of style, so no need to retire them. butterflies are one of those.



5. weddings are always a good idea. i have a very special one to attend in the near future — that’s all i can say about that for now, but stay tuned for some beautiful pictures in the next few weeks. that’s the thing i’m most excited about right now! šŸ™‚


hope you all have fabulous weekends, friends. xo

What are you most passionate about?
and on a lighter note…
ny fun weekend plans?


3 thoughts on “Friday Five {3.14.14}

  1. Oh my goodness this made me smile. Regarding #4- I think it’s funny that I still have a crush on my boyfriend. Like if he gets dressed up for an event, or if I’m getting dress up and surprising him, I’ll get butterflies. Or if he surprises me. I also get jealous if anyone without a weener talks to him.

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