slowing it down & random stuff

once upon a time, i was this super social chick who went out more nights than not and spent about .2 seconds awake in my apartment each day. run/gym, work, class or out, home to sleep. repeat, repeat, repeat.

then, it became 2014 and i decided, hey, let’s slow down a bit, mmmkay? plus, it was getting difficult to see my bedroom floor beneath all of the shoes/running clothes/school books/everything else i own, so i took that as a sign that mayyyyybe i should start staying home a little bit more. that, and i was just plain tired. a lot.

welp, that somehow turned into me wanting to do nothing but have nightly dates with these lately:

you think maybe i’d cook more now that i’m home more nights, but nope. i’m just fully discovering the depths of my relationship with


it’s a good thing The Voice isn’t on every night because i might never leave my apartment again. a singing competition + the 4 people with the best chemistry everrrr to be on television + lots of Adam Levine time miiiiight be my idea of what people do in Heaven when they aren’t running/snowboarding/surfing/traveling. i’ve discovered that this show pretty much embodies all of my passions: i want to date/marry/lock up in a room and never let anyone else have Adam, dance like Usher, have Blake’s sense of humor and just all-round be Shakira (with dark hair, of course). and yes, i’d pick team Adam all the way, if i got on.

anyone else watch this? i’ve never been much of a TV person but i love this show. and i don’t even care about the contestants. just one more pic, i promise…


so even though i’m definitely experiencing much less of NYC’s nightlife and restaurant scene this winter, i’m really enjoying my down time. joining the gym in my building has also been a good move, as i can pop out of bed and down two flights of stairs and not have to lug multiple bags all over the city. homebody status in full effect.

i’m feeling pretty decent in the wake of the NYC Half two days ago, in that i got in a good hour-long strength workout yesterday morning and a 3.5 mile treadmill run + ab sesh today. my legs are a bit sore but nothing crazy, and i’m thankful for my body’s resiliency in being able to withstand a lot of hard exercise and bounce back quickly. either that, or i’m just so used to a certain level of soreness by now that it’s my new baseline.

i’m on spring break from school this week (quite possibly the most magical pairing of words ever invented: “spring break”), which is lovely, and heading back upstate tomorrow for a very special wedding, for which i am beyond excited. definitely expect pics of that in the near future!

& since transitions are weird, i’ll leave you with this wonderful gem of alliteration. i personally think “morning miles make every day manageable,” but the word nerd in me is too geeked out over the five-word alliterative sentence to care if it’s Monday or not. so good.



Any Voice viewers? Which judge is your fave?

Are you a morning runner?




8 thoughts on “slowing it down & random stuff

  1. I think the brutal winter has made a homebody out of MANY people — but glad you are taking advantage of it! The one thing I am most concerned about moving out of our building is losing our apartment gym. The convenience cannot have a price tag.

  2. It took me a long time to watch The Voice for the first time, but it’s so good! You’re right – the chemistry between the four judges is awesome, and it makes it a lot of fun to watch.

  3. Lol you’re adorable. My coworker has a huge crush on Adam. She told me that she loved Maroon 5 when she would hear it on the radio, but never knew what Adam looked like until last year when her friend showed her a pic. And then it was love 😉

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