WILW {3.19.14}

*i’m heading upstate today! man, i spend a lot of time on trains. thankfully, the ride from NYC to Albany via Amtrak is quite a lovely, relaxing little chug along the Hudson River, and can be really beautiful. when i’m not napping, i definitely appreciate the scenery of NY’s landscapes. we have some pretty country here, when you get out of the city.

upstate this weekend = salsa, a trip to Lake George, an exciting wedding (eeeee!), and lots of my favorite people. can’t. wait.

*Latin dance shoes. speaking of salsa! i swear, salsa shoes are the most comfortable heels ever invented — and i’m not even a big fan of heels. i can dance in Very Fine’s shoes for hours and not have sore feet. plus, they’re the cutest things ever. i’m thinking it’s time to get a new pair, since i haven’t in years. i have an old pair of silver ones, but i usually dance in these gold sparklies (which have been wonderfulllll):

c5004_gold_sparklei’m feeling these satin numbers for my next pair, to change it up a bit:

fvUG-v8A.Ba girl can never have too many pairs of shoes, right? maybe i should start adopting that stance toward “salsa shoes.”

*You’re Going to Need a Girl Who Can Read a Mapas if the title alone isn’t enough to lure you right in.

wallmapi can’t explain how much i love pieces like this, similar to the one i posted a couple of months ago about A Girl Who Travels. Thought Catalog compiles such a fantastic array of written work, and this is one of my faves to date. when i read something like this, i always feel like i could have written it; like something in my soul responds entirely to the words on the page, both content and written voice. this piece was lovely, and poignant, and makes me want to jump out of my little corner of the world and discover everyone and everything i could be, in every place and any place i may happen to land.

and now, i surely need to do this to my room asap:


*running fun. because i am probably still on a bit of a runner’s high from Sunday’s race, and, well, let’s face it — i’m a runnerd and just can’t get enough of this stuff.

and because we all need a little silliness…


*faith. hope. love. belief.
because i don’t know about you, but i need these reminders every.single.day.




Tell me something good about your week so far!


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