thankful Thursday

do you count your blessings?

i try to. i mean to. and i want to do it more.

i mean, i am a Hundo P fully aware of how amazingly blessed i am just to be healthy, active, safe, employed, and surrounded by amazing people in my life — that’s more than enough to be thankful for on a daily basis. but on top of that, i know that there are a million little things to appreciate in my everyday life that i often just let slide by without a thought. being thankful and really stopping to take inventory of all the bits of wonderful that life brings us each day is something i want to be more intentional about, so i think dedicating my Thursday blog posts to this thankfulness theme should be the new name of my game.

so today, and this week, i am thankful for:

*boot camp. ah, i was so glad to go back to working out with a trainer this morning for the first time in over a month. man, how i missed having my butt kicked. fave exercises today: burpees with a Bosu ball and squat jumps onto a Bosu ball. love that thing.


*having my only sibling be my best friend. that’s pretty much the greatest thing in my life.

*Quinners my love. i never thought i’d love something so much that sheds so much, but i totally adore her, my beast of a niece. lately, our relationship is really progressing and maturing: she actually doesn’t pee every single time she sees me anymore. miracles do happen.


*that it’s almost April. April just sounds like Spring, doesn’t it? surely things will be better and warmer and sunshine-y in April. hurry.

*time management. i’m thankful i have this skill, considering i have so many passions and things i love to do and want to fit into my life. i recently started up teaching my online college course again after a semester break, and i’m glad to fit this back in. along with work, and school, and running, and dancing…

*dry shampoo. lifesaver. ’nuff said.

*fabulous roommates. this has been a huge blessing in my NYC life. my last roommate was wonderful, and we’re still good friends (and always will be); my new roommate is wonderful, and i can’t imagine having an easier transition from one great girl to another. this is such a big deal for me, especially living in rather tight quarters, and i couldn’t have asked for better girls.

*Seamless. i only recently started relying on this food-delivery site on the regular, and it’s becoming a fast addiction. lately i’ve been ordering the same thing all the time: a skinny chicken burrito with black beans and pico de gallo. (yes, i’m such a creature of habit with food — probably the worst.) i don’t think you can live in NYC and not have somewhat of a Seamless addiction. it’s basically required.

*faith. if life was easy all the time, how would we know that God really is who He says he is, and how would we see Him working in our lives? i’m trying to learn to find the good in the hardships, because anything that deepens my faith and dependency on Him has a purpose to benefit me, even if i can’t see it when i’m struggling.


 *crushes. because you don’t even realize that you miss the butterflies until they suddenly appear entirely out of thin air and catch you off guard. and then you remember — these things are nice to have, after all.




For what are you thankful today/this week? Give me something good!


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