since when did TV become my social life?

so i can’t say i’m a big TV watcher but the only show i’ve consistently really enjoyed for the past few years is How I Met Your Mother. which, as i’m sure everyone is fully aware, had its series finale last night.

i haven’t watched much of this past season at all but i made sure to catch the finale, which i thought was really lovely and poignant and wrapped things together so nicely. there were some tear-inducing moments, some of the usual silliness, and some big surprises — and a final scene that did not surprise me one bit. i knew that had to happen all along, and would have probably thrown something at my TV if it didn’t.

every Robin needs a Ted to make her realize the one thing she really can’t live without, even after she seemingly achieves everything else and still finds herself chasing down the wind. she always needed him. she just needed to figure that out for herself.

and anyway, i love Ted. like, i’d marry Ted. and i totally understand Robin. soooo… it all tied up nicely for me.

this is definitely a quote worth reading:


and i think my main take-away is that i now need to buy a bright yellow umbrella.

and start writing more pieces about the essence of life. because it’s true: we are all headed somewhere, one day at a time, and it’s scary and wonderful and bittersweet and lovely, and sometimes we have to make big decisions that change everything — while other times, we just have to cross a quiet street on an anyday afternoon and suddenly, nothing will ever be the same again.


Did you watch HIMYM? What’d you think of the finale?

Tell me something beautiful about your life!


5 thoughts on “since when did TV become my social life?

  1. Awe, this is a great post!! I’ve seen HIMYM but don’t watch it consistently. It’s a good show though! 😉
    I love how supportive my husband is of me!! That’s beauty!! XOXO!!

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