WILW {4.2.14}

1. April.even though March flew by for me and included some really great things (BFF’s wedding, a lot of salsa dancing, and the addition of some fun new people in my life as well as spending more time with some of my faves), it’s a holiday-less month signifying the end of Winter — and April just seems like such a relief. i mean, the word just sounds springy and full of promise and all things sunshiney and bright.

aprilfun fact about me: i’m a fan of all things Shakespeare. any excuse to fit him into my daily life, i’m taking it.

2. still thinking about yoga. this picture makes me feel better about the fact that if i ever do start doing yoga, i might not be the very most inflexible beginner in the class who has no idea what she’s doing:

yogaand aside from that, this picture just makes me giggle.

3. workouts & rest. my running and strength training have been great lately, including an awesome session with my trainer yesterday that made the first step out of bed this morning pretty darn painful. i haven’t taken a rest day in probably a week, so today is it. it’s hard for me to force myself into taking a day off, but i know it’s so necessary, and my body is screaming at me today. i think i need to start making yoga my rest day, as that’s probably the only way i’ll get myself to do it, at least in the beginning.


4. pinot noir. pretty sure this was the first varietal of red wine i really got into in my early 20s (you know, after you graduate from white zin to pinot grigio and finally to red), and although i like most wines, a good pinot noir is always high on my list. i tried a De Loach pinot this week for the first time and was really happy with this California wine. and now i must visit this Sonoma vineyard.

a sign of getting not-so-young: it’s taking me all week to drink this bottle. and i reallllly like it. sigh.

5. play with your food. i really can’t wait to make these healthy fruit plates for our summer lake BBQs this year (yes, my mind is already there). this is my idea of “cooking” in the warm weather. the more fun, the better.





what are you most excited about in Spring?

try any good new wines lately? (yes, i’m going to keep asking this)



7 thoughts on “WILW {4.2.14}

  1. Lol Failure to Launch- one of my feel-good movies! That would be me in yoga! Those fruit plates are adorable! Spring- I love the flowers everywhere (not the allergies though 😉 ) and that it’s warmer but not hot.

  2. I just love reading your blog! You are amazing and inspiring. Have you ever tried Bikram yoga? I have been doing it for a while now and I love it. I love all wines…if you haven’t been out to the vineyards in eastern Long Island you simply must go. My favorite is http://shinnestatevineyards.com/. Check it out! We should go.

    • Thanks, friend, for reading me and for your sweet comment. 🙂 I haven’t done Bikram yoga (dear Lord) but I’d love to do yoga with you- almost as much as I’d like to do the Long Island wineries! So out me down as a definite for wine tasting this Spring/Summer.

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