Friday Five {4.11.14}

1. apparently yesterday was National Siblings Day and i totally missed the boat on sending my bro a lil gift or wishing him happy sibs day…even though we’re the bff-est of all siblings and treat every day as siblings day. however, i think it needs some blog recognition (albeit a day late), so please enjoy one of my all-time fave RyShaw pix:

i can’t tell you how much i love this picture, for no reason and every. and yes, Ry at age 1 was pretty much bigger than me at age 4. check out that head size. lotsa brains in there. 🙂

also, please notice that i literally always had some stuffed animal or another in my hand at all times as a child. attachment issues, perhaps? need for constant companionship? you’d be hard pressed to find a picture of me without an animal (usually a Care Bear, not sure what happened here) in my hand. they came everywhere with me (clearly even into the bathroom to help me brush my teeth).

so happy National Siblings Day/life, bro. love you the mostest.

2. killer short runs. i’ve consistently had some great shorter runs this week, and this morning’s was no exception (and my first time this season running outside in a tank top! Spring has sprung!). it was almost 60 and rather overcast, but an entirely lovely morning for a run along the river.


i’m loving these 3-5 milers and trying to use them to pick up my pace a bit and push myself just outside my “comfortable” running zone. this morning’s run was a bit uncomfortable considering i had two speedier runs on Tues morning and Wed evening, and then a killer training session yesterday morning with mucho legs…but i’m diggin’ the soreness today and feeling good about pushing myself. bikini season and Brooklyn Half, i’m coming for you.


3. gym love/wear your words. i’m a big fan of words. soooo, let me tell you how i really feel…


tee-hee. because if you’re a fitfreak and have to meet people somehow, well, why not there? must get this shirt asap.

but seriously — it’s nice to be able to share your passions with someone you date. it’d be very hard for me to date a lazy, non-worker-outer, because it’s such an integral part of my identity and my day-to-day existence.


4. coffee love. there’s a coffee truck on Wall St just a few blocks from my office that attracts attention just by being the brightest, most colorful, cutest coffee stand around. meet the Love Coffee truck.

you can’t miss this baby if you’re walking down Wall, and it’s definitely worth a stop. the staff is all French (at least everyone i’ve met so far) and friendly, and it has a fun, indie feel and a hip chalkboard menu.

the prices are good, and just saying you got your coffee from the orange Love truck is worth the experience in my opinion. i’ve only had their americano so far, and i really liked it — almost as much as i liked carrying this cup around:

i’m a sucker for good branding, what can i say. i think another word for that is a girl.

5. faith. i’ve found myself getting frustrated a bit lately with a sense of “stuckness,” or feeling like i’m not accomplishing things fast enough and my life is just wooshing on by. i’m trying to be intentional about working through these feelings and being thankful for my amazing life and seeing it as a process, a daily journey of becoming, and staying present in the moment without thinking ahead to the future and missing all the good from today. God has a plan that i can’t see, and my job is to trust Him, pray diligently and specifically, and stay open to opportunities that come my way. today, i’m feeling hopeful, and i know that a combination of prayer and action is necessary to feel fulfilled and at peace with where i’m at. neither one alone is as effective as the coupling can ever be, and both are absolutely crucial.




happy weekend, loves! xo

What was a highlight of your week, or something you’re loving today?
Any fun plans this weekend?


7 thoughts on “Friday Five {4.11.14}

  1. Great post and I absolutely love the workout shirt!! So cute!! Oh boy and a coffee truck!! Yum!! I’d be there all the time! I’m glad to hear your your loving short runs!!! Short runs are great!!! 🙂

  2. Haha, I didn’t realize it was siblings day til Instagram told me! 🙂 And YAY for those runs! Your pace is absolutely killer impressive and I’d be thrilled with my runs too if that were my pace! 🙂 OW OW! 🙂 Man, I was just in NYC in Feb and I wish I would have seen that coffee truck! I would have been all over it!

  3. So many loves about this post 🙂 It’s such a cliche but feeling lost ALWAYS leads me to praying more. I know that’s not the way it’s supposed to work, but in this weird “who am i and what am i doing, where am i going” part of my life it’s just necessary.

    That coffee truck would get me every. single. time. I’m a sucker for stuff like that too!

    Also my boyfriend is one of those lazy, non-worker-outers that you spoke of. I’m not going to lie it’s frustrating and I oftentimes wish we could do more together, especially since I workout almost every day and constantly want to be active. BUT now that it’s warm out he’s been asking to go on bike rides and throw a football so I’m getting excited for the warm weather! So maybe I have to run alone – but I have a partner in crime for bike rides and that’s fine by me 🙂

    • thanks, girl! i understand completely about praying when you feel lost and need guidance. good luck getting the bf to work out with you more! hopefully this warm weather will entice him outdoors. 🙂

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